Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

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I didn’t see it pop up in the trees and I wasn’t able to find it in the dirt. Totally griefing. Video is in queue


Did you notice the name? Name reflected a guys night time activities all by himself. @majorvex forgot reply button again!


This is almost disgusting to read. Why are there still players in this game of all games that feel the need to ruin the gameplay for both themselves and others? I could go on a complaining rant but that isn’t going to accomplish anything.

I have a little experience in game dev. I’ve dabbled in Unreal Engine 4. I know that I could implement a simple trigger box around an object (in this case, a spawned meteor). I would then go into the weapon function (in this case, Regen Bombs) and then set those types to ‘Disable’ within the trigger box. That’s the plain english of it. @james , you guys in the coding department know what I’m taking about. Surely there’s something you could implement?


I was gonna log in Bobbo, but sounds like Vex got ya covered already.



I feel this should be done immediately. Before the farming update even. I can’t even enjoy my most favorite aspect of the game when this happens. @james sorry we have pinged you multiple times


I think it should say the name of the character that is tossing these bombs, just like it says who tosses the health bombs. Video is still processing…


I was going to go on this hunt and decided against it because of the holes this person was making. It needs to be handle for sure. If I see it when hunting I’ll be reporting it also!


I have a tendency to agree. I would be more than happy to deal with a delay in the farming update implementation for something like this. It’s long overdue.


I agree, they need to get this handled, its becoming worse with every hunt!


i dont think a system like that would work the size of the box cant be to big has to make mining annoying with those lone level 1 meteors and if its too small then it would be a pointless thing to add has most towers would be well outside the range of the box plus the box would go away apon completeing so people could still regen bomb the loot box


Maybe a cool down timer after meteor completes


The ‘Trigger Box’ is an invisible entity which has effects on gameplay. For example. Meteors already have a trigger box. When you get within a certain distance, you see a message on screen saying you’ve discovered a Level X Meteor. You get that on-screen prompt because you’ve just entered a ‘Trigger Box’.

It’s part of the game’s code that tells the game to ‘Do Something’ when the player enters an area. The Trigger Box could be set to destroy itself once the meteor is completed or becomes dormant.

But of course, a timer would have to be set on the box, before destroying itself, ‘If meteor completed’. A 60 second timer after completion, for example.


My internet is being slow…I’m just uploading the raw vid files with no editing.
It will take 5-15 minutes for the videos to process beyond low res…


Sounds good thank you vex.


i get that what i ment is i dont know if adding a no regen/dmg bomb effect to the box would work if the trigger size is too big lets say 3 plots wide then you will be on a world mineing along and one lands right on top of you above gorund now if you are useing bombs to clear away the rocks to get to whatever you are mineing for you now got a big “Nope” box active above you till you move away to make it dormant and if the trigger box is too smail then it wont really help that much form my understanding the metor effect area is huge and to disable regen and block dmg in that range size would be nuts.

the TL:DR is if the meteor falls near a regen farm or someone who is bomb mineing it could be a huge pain in the butt.


Oh I get ya now. My idea for now is to only disable the Regen effects. So, bombing while mining wouldn’t be an issue. And meteors never fall too close to settlements or beacons in general anyway. So the regen farms should be safe too.


that would 100% work then :slight_smile:


I’m hoping we get a response in regards to this from the developement team.


In the part 2 video around the 10:26-10:29 mark is when the meteor was hit with a regen


Me too. Even though I wasn’t there, it’s really getting to me! Anxiety Levels - Through The Roof! lol