Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

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Though I have seen post about this since I joined the forums.


Thank you for documenting the information this will make it easier for the development team to investigate this situation.


Indeed. It’s long overdue that this gets dealt with. Like I said, I can only speak for myself but I’d be more than willing to put up with a minor delay with the Farming update to have something done about this.

@james , It’s a griefing mechanic that’s gone unchecked and it’s been found by a small group of players who are going to continue exploiting it until a gate has been slammed shut on it. You could ban the players responsible for the recent incidents but that isn’t going to solve the core problem.

This ‘Griefing Mechanic’ needs to be shut down. Plain and simple!


Here are a few screenshots right before the last meteor was regened

Players fighting the meteor

Players grappled above the meteor

Players right after meteor is complete

Players a nanosecond before the meteor is regened

Note…the yellow highlighted circle is around the meteor, not any particular player. It was hard to see the meteor under the trees, so I circled it


I hope it does help in some way. If nothing else, they can see the players that were present when it happened last.


fair warning if any SS’s or vids contan the players in question best to send them via DM’s or the thread will get a guarantee lock

kind of been thinking of late to make a suggestion thread about removeing the name and shame rule its really rigged in favor of trolls/griefers


Ooh… I see a very familiar name in that first screenshot. I’ve reported this individual to @James in the past. And so have others. They just love their ‘Regen Bombs’.


There’s no way me posting a public video of a public event is breaking CoC. I didn’t name anyone, so it should be fine. :+1:


Make it unlisted and PM it to James.


They are unlisted.


With the spam of reports I placed and the video you made. Something should be able to be done. But like @C0ND1T10NR3D said about having this dealt with before the update. I would be fine with waiting as well. Because hunting is a big aspect of the game it provides oort for portals along with loot for people to sell and make money.


I feel the same way about the name shame thing. This feels like it is a way to protect the people that ruin the game for others. But yea let’s not start that debate because haha as in the past we will get this thread locked and we want something to be done about this situation instead of it getting brushed under a rug.


I would send a pm and any screenshots to @James. He is super responsive and fair. I have not had good luck with in game reporting… but a pm from here is a great place to start.

Maybe damage and regen bombs could be ineffective within a certain radius of the meteor?


The name and shame rule is why this still happens. If people knew who the usual suspects were, they could at least be avoided when it comes to trading and being ripped off, or other shady interactions. People who derive enjoyment from griefing others don’t belong in an otherwise great community. They’re here for the wrong thing.


I know James has been pinged in this thread atleast 6 times so haha yeah hoping to get a response and resolution about this.


Can’t name shame on the forums… but discord has no COC and most regs communicate there… I tend to support the name shame rule because most issues are minor… but I have to say I’d like to know who is doing this.


Well we will see if it happens again tonight.


Good luck on your hunt tonight. I hope you guys catch the culprits. :+1:


I was on that hunt, too. It is getting really tedious with trolling. The craters being made were massive and completely unnecessary. I know exactly who the culprit is, it only happens when they are there. Not only do they troll the meteorite, but throw totems into peoples inventory. That is just a minor irritation, though, compared to the nonsense at the actual meteor. I will report from now on, too. Hopefully the devs will get this sorted.


Stuff like this can’t be ignored any longer. It’s been allowed to go on for to long.