Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

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@Ratchel Agreed, it has gone on too long. More reports, the better. :+1:


Maybe regen bombs should just be removed completely?


That’s not a good idea! Much is building on regeneration bombs! The whole farm buildings and gleam places! It would be a strong step back in this game, just because a few full idiots without education make such a ■■■■!

There would have to be another regulation! maybe you can not regenerate transit stones! Similar to cabinets and tool benches etc


Could the main hunts leaders have a discord Channel and share info and pics that way?
Though how you stop people tagging along is a difficult one.


I wouldnt be so harsh. Dont ban people for this.


They need to remove Regen bombs. Thought someone said they were doing this.

A temp ban for this sort of trolling seems reasonable, not permabans though.


I agree a temp ban for players but a perm ban for the regen bombs…my time on exo planets would be a lot more frustrating


permanent jumping quirck


I’m sure the devs could make it so that a meteor generates a zone of protection against regeneration for the next 6 hours after they landed.
That would fix the problem.

Meteor support plus improvements

Area when you leave meteor pops up. could make that area immune to regen while meteor is active. Like when meteor Falls it instantly adds around it self sphree of plots, once completed plots are removed. I hope you got my idea -_-


I used to get this on my hunts but i’m very stern about the consequences if people regen i end the hunt. I gather all information i can from multiple different people at different angles.
If you continue to hunt i just see it as a ‘people will keep doing it’
I’ve got to say i know approx 3 people who do, do it and with me live streaming a hunt everyone who’s watching the stream can see who is doing it. some people call them out during a hunt and i get alot of people agreeing with me to end the hunt and to not continue.
And its not always when we have large groups hunting, we had 74 people on a hunt before and not one troll yet I’ve seen trolls on other peoples hunts with only 20-25 people there.
I do think a private discord for hunt leaders to be in to discuss this as a more private matter would be a great idea to share any information about problematic hunts.


You cant end a hunt over this. That is giving the Troll what they want. I asked them to stop, we took extra time after meteors so people could find their loot box. All you can do is work around it. Letting them see it is getting to you or ending the hunt just gives them fuel to do it more. I will work my hunts around these people. They will not stop me or my hunts. We are better than that.


@Ratchel (or other players) Please PM me the details of the players and worlds / locations.

Market and Mall owners treated unfairly - contracts should be allowed

I am sad to hear this - I would think it is best to have some sort of protected field around all meteors! It is understandable you can’t stop hunting just because of trolls - but this protection box around the meteor will help greatly and will be all fair loot to everyone.


I have done and no longer get trolls so it just shows it does work.
continuing a hunt when people are doing it just makes them do it the whole hunt which isn’t fair on the other people, it would then be wasted time for people, ending a hunt isn’t wasting anyone’s time, it means they can then go do something else and not waste more time on pointless hunts.


I reported this to you before and never heard anything back from it.


My hunts will not be ended over trolls. If people wish to leave they are welcome to. But I can continue with majority of the people wanting to continue will.


If anyone has any details about this situation. Please send it over to @james for it to be looked into. A lot of the information is posted in the thread as well. Videos and photos of situation. The reports I submitted was at the time I posted the thread going up to around 9pm on Beservona.


The official Boundless Discord server operates under the same Code of Conduct as the game and forum, in addition to Discords T’s & C’s, and breaking the rules in Discord could earn you a punishment in game, and rightly so. Not that I 100% agree with all the rules, just that I agree they should be applied equally everywhere.


Can’t say how Wonderstruck operates, but other companies won’t ever come back to you on these types of matter aside from saying “alright, we’ll deal with it”. Beyond that, you’re not supposed to know what happens to the troll.
Unless you meant that James never answered your reports at all or ever dealt with the trolls you reported, which would be… well… not great at all. :confused: