Griefing on 7pm Iconic hunt Beservona!

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As far as deep holes go on hunts, I don’t really see the problem with that. Bombs definitely have a place in the game and you can move around perfectly well using grapples/placing blocks on a hunt. If regen bombs affect the meteor reward (not just the conduits surrounding it) then that’s real griefing and very unpleasant.

As far as “name and shame” rules go, I don’t see that as being a helpful policy. If people feel they have been scammed, cheated, or subject to some real unfairness (not just “I fell into a hole someone made during a hunt because I wasn’t looking where I was going” etc) it might be helpful to all parties to be able to have a conversation on the subject.


I wish that was the case, in my situation the person was throwing them directly at me and following me around, even after the meteor was complete he was continuously throwing them.


I’ve also fell into one of those deep holes before and died due to fall damage. Sometimes people aren’t aware there’s a giant pit behind them when they are backing away from a wildstock.


I hope regen bomb will be hard-fixed so that it wont affect/regen the reward boxes. This will be the solution to those troll cases.
People their rights to regen anywhere they want - as the game allow them to do so (or they throw them by accident or even dont have any knownledges about regen bombs). Although it frustrating other people, so a fix is needed asap.
The Devs did release a fix for this, but somehow its still bugged and not working as intended.

Please Devs, we need your help.


I don’t know does game tell that when report has received but that should be all. It is then situation between company and player who might have been breaking rules, not some law program where outsider can take part of :smiley:

I would expect some fix to come this, like beaconing meteorite got disabled on EA. Fixing this won’t stop trolls but dropping regen bombs is just too easy way.

I also think it is wrong that regen bombs can remove build area back to air. We have basic bombs for destroying, regen should only work for air which have in planet data blocks.

Seems like bombs are always having some drama, if those didn’t exists game would have caused less stress for developers; mining nerf, knockback players, regen farms and now this :smiley:


I just want players to be able to enjoy the game and not be frustrated by some random players there to ruin the experience for others.


Hahaha, oh dear, that sounds like quite an ordeal. :roll_eyes:

Tired of getting bombed during public hunts? Show 'em who’s really got the biggest “blast radius”! Forged +damage +aoe bombs currently available at a reasonable price at THE ARMORY in the Naughty Mall on Trior, also accessible via Duskmoor Mall…


This has been happening A LOT lately on hunts. I’d say probably 80% of the hunts I’ve been on in the last 2 weeks had regen griefers. It usually seems to stop when people start recording the hunts and makes it known that they are recording.

Would be nice to see regen bombs NOT affect active, completed, and dormant meteors (basically any meteor with a reward box); even better would be to have them not affect a specified area around the meteor as well to prevent regen bombing towers and the like.


I was on this hunt! Even though there were at least one greifer, there were me and many others who tried to stand on the meteor as soon as it ended so we would know where the box went. Unfortunately, with the one in the trees, when they threw the regen bomb, the box flew up on top of the tree.

There was a person in voice chat saying they were the ones making the holes, but not the ones regenning the meteors. Also… it was the same few people claiming the issue with totems filling up their inventory. I had a spot open for totems and also had an autolooter on and never picked any up. I don’t really know what was going on with that.


I believe they will be implementing somethin to make sure Regen bombing will not effect an active meteor and for a short duration after.


would it not block the trenches hunters use to trap enemy’s


Me personally would not mind that. Few times I’m on hunts I go on do people make trenches to trap mobs. Sometimes it works well if someone just uses a shovel to make a 3x3 hole. Most the time it’s someone using bombs and it ends badly with alot of people falling and dieing constantly inside of them because they have been made to large and deep.


It works better if you use wider area bombs to create more of a crater than a pit, but bomb pits can indeed kill players. Sad truths. I don’t think it’s usually trolling as much as researching a use for bombs, but I could see it being done maliciously on occasion.


Yea the hunt I went on with you recently only bombs being used were heal bombs. And It seemed like there was only 4 of us with them.


I understand that but can be more effective if someone would just use a shovel as well with 3x3 on it precise hole placement directly under portal


I can’t argue with that. The shovel definitely works better. I just don’t have the heart to tell players that prefer bombs that their weapon of choice sadly has no place in the game atm.


Well, if it’s a mix of stone and soil, then I could see bombs being a bit better then just a shovel. Especially for a higher tier world.


what I was saying is the regen can’t touch the meteor because it has a force field or something but we can pass through - just like you can’t regen beacon areas including your own.


yeah i understand but i noticed people dig out meteor so mobs fall in to kill later on and to make the attack waves weaker but i dont hunt much so i dont know current techniques maybe they could build trenches around the forcefield our even better just have force field stop bombs and forged tools i think it could work


the thing with that tho is unless you have a dedicated digger who puts points into the shovel or is willing to waste a gem tool 9/10 by the time they finish diging the last hole the meteor is over and they lose out on the xp form tagging the mobs its why bomb holes became meta even with max level meteors a hard core group can burn them down faster then the 2 or 3 diggers can work