Micro blocks

@ben @james would it be possible to make smaller voxels? i know we have discussed it, i would personally love 1/8th of a block (so 1/4th of a slab) i feel it is a good size that allows detail while still keeps the voxel feel of the game, atm with limited props and only full size blocks i think its hard to achieve the detail that people would like, but with smaller blocks people can improvise and add alot of detail to the buildings and houses.

not sure how hard it is to make, but i sincerely hope you guys will look into it.

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It’s something we’ve thought about in the past and it’s currently quite low on the todo list. If it was to happen it would be a post 1.0 update. Maybe it’s something we allow within beacons only. I don’t know. There is also a tradeoff between the fidelity of the sculpting tool and the universal accessibility. The more powerful the sculpting tool to smaller the # of people who’re comfortable using it. The great thing about 1x1x1 blocks (+ the slopes + stairs + slabs + the colour tinting + props) is everyone feels like they can manipulate the environment and get involved. MC showed us that. It really is about finding a balance. Higher fidelity sculpting doesn’t necessarily mean a better game. We need to be careful we don’t spend a load of energy on something that only a small # of people would enjoy, and even worse a large # of people would be put off by.


Good answer, how about more props though, are those in the works too? or are you guys working heavily on something else (crafting professions) or would it be possible to add something like more props soon

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Stop this madness! I think they got it :stuck_out_tongue:

never. i think they will screw themself over massively by not making them, i and quite a few others agree, not everybody, but quite a bit of the ‘‘rpg’’ players wanted to see this.

i cannot speak as a game developer, however i can speak as a gamer. ‘‘please. dont make minecraft style crafting in a bloody rpg’’ so i have said before i will not stop asking about it before they choose to add it, so while it is slightly off topic i still find it pretty relevant :smiley:


Hi @zouls - can you pull together the suggestion threads that reference this. We have a new designer joining the team soon (or is there a tag for it?) - and this feels like something we should just resolve + answer, rather than leaving it hanging.


Also - really appreciate your passion for it. Campaigning for features is exactly the right thing to do - even if everyone else is getting bored of hearing it. Campaigning and building a concensus + backing is important. We do need to keep hearing what is bad / missing / broken / desperately wanted. Keep it up - but try keeping it in the right threads. Thanks!


I’d like to hear more about plans for future props. I feel they could provide the detail players want without going into micro blocks. @james

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For Microblocks or crafting professions?

Both or either.

Here’s one thread for microblocks (in a slightly more restricted way): https://forum.oortonline.com/t/square-chisel/2316

This is still my greatly prefered type of crafting professions and progression


this is only progression not the actual crafting systems,

this was a loooong discussion that brings up some good points for both sides


these are discussions about crafting benches and how they could be made in a way so you dont just need one to be able to craft everything, but rather have time based crafting so you need multiple



here are peoples views on limitations on crafting, such as archeage labor points.


it was also to mentioned quite a bit in this


Then to sum it up, i have a sentence i had to think up when explaining my post in real short for Ben

‘‘The difference on having crafting professions/progression and not having is, do you want crafting to be a tool to get to the real playstyle (building, fighting) or do you want crafting to be a playstyle. (being able to spend time on it and play the game as a crafter rather than just a person crafting’’

I am glad you guys are so open to imput, it really is one thing i think would be a damn shame for oort and would definitely remove some of the RPG elements from the game.


I’m not sure if I (or someone else) already said that. But instead of microblocks, why not have a higher tier crafting bench/machine/whatever in which you can make more detailed props?
You’d have a block that has a grid overlay of maybe 4 or 8 blocks. (i.e. that block is build up of 1/4 or 1/8 micro blocks)
There you could design things like benches, tables etc. maybe sculpt them out of a material.
Would also be a kind of block/gold sink if you’d need a new block everytime you mess up.

This could also tie in with a profession. Maybe in @Zouls way, maybe just because you need creativity to make something that looks decent.

That way you wouldn’t have the hassle of a full microblock system, because it is in a preview window instead of the dynamic world. But you could still have the detail you want.
Maybe @ben can tell us, if such a system would be easier to implement than a full micro block system.



Think it was here.

He gave his standard answer ‘‘but titans!!’’

Ah yea thanks.
My idea was under the premise that anything like micro blocks would be a after 1.0/2.0 feature anyway. And titans will be implemented until then anyways. So that won’t count anymore.
Besides that is my main question. Would a system as I described it be easier to implement than a full micro block system.
I hope he can answer me that^^

Indeed, i do think it is a great idea, just not sure how effective it is to make furniture from it, assuming that you are thinking of allowing the making of chairs that can be sat on (you didnt say that, so i might be wrong) im not quite sure, but it would be a pretty damn good solution i think

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Yea it was just a quick sketch of the idea^^ We don’t even know if there will be anything to sit on. Mainly it would be for aesthetics.
But you could always expand it to make functional things or even multiblock structures.

Yeah that is what i thought, i assume its quite hard to make something functional that way since there is so much freedom, but who knows. it is a great idea never the less :smiley:

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like you have in blockscape and landmark?

yeah something like this i would love to have