Microblock building system

Well I would love to use microblocks for building. I really like the system blockscape had. I would like to see something like that in Oort online

Your thoughts?

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microblocks sometimes turns meh

but i think it would be cool if they allowed to make blocks 1/8 the size of a whole block but not much smaller than that, when you allow less than that then the game loses its entire voxel feel in my eyes.

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Have you ever seen/played blockscape? I would recommend you to watch a video :smiley: the system is pretty cool and the blocks aren’t to tiny :slight_smile:

I agree. 1/8 sized cubes would allow for detailing without loosing the visual feel of the game or over complicating construction.

have you ever seen landmark? pretty, but taking it too far. also blockscape really doesnt look like a voxel game, its a normal looking game where you place cube looking elements

I have seen landmark :smiley: And I just searched blockscape and found out that it has lost his voxel look. When I first saw it everything was kinda blocky :confused: but 1/8 blocks are cool too :smiley:

i think its cool working with details no doubt. but people will keep going smaller and smaller until the game is no longer a voxel game if you allow them to.

I would like to see something like the minecraft microblocks mod in Oort

a tad too small.

i still think 1/8 is the right size, that is the corner of half a block.

Thats pretty cool too :smiley:

We asked about microblocks in Vote#2 (see the result here). Microblock were pretty low down the feature chart. (This doesn’t imply anything - just FYI - that we’ve thought a little about it.)

Yeah I would have to agree with the community here- Micro blocks would be neat, but I’m not in any hurry to have them in the game If at all. Like Zouls is saying, it might make the game feel less voxel (im not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing though)

I have little interest in microblocks because I feel it takes away from that charm and voxel-ey feeling. However 1/4 blocks could be cool. 1/8 blocks could be a little bit too much imo. But that’s just my feelings towards microblocks.

I also don’t like to small blocks. I love the possibility to form or “cut” blocks like it is already ingame (sorry, don’t find a better word for it ^^). May be that it can get more options later, but please no mini blocks :wink:

Please no microblocks, it just isn’t necessary. If it must be made, leave it for a v1.0+++ feature. The only time we should see smaller block entities are for utilities like torches or furniture detail.

can you even split it up? then its just as high as the normal blocks just cut in 4. my idea is you can cut the hight i half like the slabs they showed and then take a quatrer of that. i feel like that would be a great look for the blocks

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Oh yeahhhhh, whoops. I wasn’t great at Math haha, Now I realize I was thinking of 1/8 the whole time. Still undecided whether its a good idea or not though.

i am really against going 1 / 128 as some does. they have already showed that they want to make half height of a block, the 1/8 is the perfect size in my opinion because it makes you able to make details. without removing the voxel feel.


I agree with you :slight_smile:

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