Midguard, a nerd city from another universe!

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to get the ball rolling for the public debut of the project my wife and I have been working on.

Midguard is a rising city on the planet of Delta Cancret. The planet does require one point in “volatile” protection to visit, or the use of atmosphere protection food.

Midguard is a city built for the expression of nerdy fandoms. It also serves as the “Guild city” for the Guild we started (Time Lords) so there is a portal connection to our guild hall near the city’s center.

The city is officially open to the public now, anyone can build between the existing roads (I do ask that you don’t block the T parts on the ends of the streets headed out from the center, just so we can expand roads further out at a later date, but we can work around you if necessary). This city is a “floating city” so please if you plot something, at least put yourself a “floor” down, that way you or someone else, won’t fall and potentially die. (Side note, we purposely set the roads one block up from the bottom of the plot, this way you can decorate the underside of your builds with patterns/pixel art or anything you can think of. The idea is that even from below the city would be interesting to look at).

Joining the guild is encouraged, but not required in the least bit. The guild system just helps us keep the city named the same thing mostly. The guild discord is https://discord.gg/k8AHYwz and it will serve as both communication for the guild as well as communication for the city.

Shops, artwork (preferably nerdy in nature), or houses are all welcome additions to the town. Portal networks are fine as well, but please coordinate with us unless you are using the main hub we have already built near the town center.

In general the ideal layout would be: video game references will be to the south (red roads), tv shows to the north (blue roads), books the the east (yellow/orange roads), and movies to the west (green roads). Lots of nerd culture things fall into more than one of these and we don’t plan to actively enforce the guidelines for where things should go as such. So really the street colors will just help navigate once things grow bigger.

We have active portals to [PS] Delta Cancret, the Sky City outpost, and Gyosha Ophin Mall (via my wife’s shop Habitat for Hadess). There is also a Fif Land location near the center with connections to the Fif Land stores.

We will post pictures of as many attractions as we can on here as they are finished. This is very much a growing and expanding city (even if just myself and my wife are all who settles it), so if you want “prime real estate” you might want to act fast :wink:

Wow, that’s a long post. TLDR we built neat new nerd city on Delta Cancret, it is in the air, guild join optional, anyone can build what they would like, watch this space for pictures.


Looking great your city is!


… Deadpool can fit all of these. :grin:

Looks great! Fantastic idea!

… Is there a Bifrost (rainbow bridge) leading to it? Ya know, to connect to the mortal plane. ^^
(Gettin muh nerd on. :wink: )


Sadly it is not the rainbow bridge, It is a basic startup bridge right now, but I do plan on fleshing out it’s design, and rainbow might be a lighting effect after you pointed that out :smiley:


I visited some days ago, passing through your new shop there i think.
Great work


Thanks :smiley:
We have big plans for builds and ideas for the city. Everything is progressively going to keep getting bigger with the city, with or without new people joining it. New people would be awesome, but my wife and I will continue putting more and more into the city as we continue to play for the foreseeable future.


The road to Midguard has been built! We’ll be continuing to expand it and other things in the comming weeks.