Might I give some feedback?

I find iron way too rare to find. I have spent several hours over the last 3 days mining for ore. I’ve followed every tip the folks here have provided. Grassy areas, flower areas, hills, mountains, glaciers pretty much everywhere suggested. In this time I have found one iron ore. Lots and lots of copper, coal, and some silver.
Maybe my luck with the RNG just sucks. Not sure if this is intended but I can not progress on without this next tier ore. I hope this is taken as feedback, hopefully I won’t get trolled. My humble opinion so I expressed it.



I actually have to agree. At least on the starter planets, from what I can tell, I’ve found it easier (by far) to find gold and silver than I have to find iron. I don’t know if this is intended, due to iron also being required for silver tools, and copper for gold, but either way I can imagine this being a problem for less active players.

I just happen to have a lot of iron due to my excessive mining habits, but not everyone can spend as much time as I do mining.


judging from the amount of times i’ve heard “i found silver, gold, and titanium more than iron” we’re all probably looking in the wrong places AND they’ll probably change the distribution of iron some time in the future. (don’t quote me on that)

hopefully iron will become an abundant but not overly common material. enough to keep Jiivita’s shop running, but not 6 of Jiivitia’s shops


I’m fine with @Jiivita running six shops. His prices are exceedingly reasonable!


Jiivita has some great prices. but we don’t want price competitions everywhere. maybe 3 jiivita shops?

Who is Jiivita?

In PixelGate, there’s is a large red and white temple, with a path to a medium red pagoda. Underneath the temple there is a portal to elsewhere, that is Jiivita’s shop. He sells iron tools for like 36c each. We love him for it.

He also makes tutorial videos on YouTube.


6? :scream:

I must be sleep retailing!


Not sure as to what people think a shortage is, myself personally I dug stairs down under my basement with a doorway that is in my area and each day I just pop down into the regenerated area and mine to my hearts delight and find each of the ores in there lurking in the dusty corners just waiting for me to smack em with my trusty hammer. If I do happen to run out of time or have a shortage I just do what else makes this game fun, I go shopping! I like helping to keep the money changing hands and hopefully someday when I have my shop up and running it will come take a visit back to my pockets again.


Hmm I wonder if I have been running by PixelGate? There is a really tall building a short distance from my base. Shoot I’ll go check.

Got to check out his videos now.


I guess maybe the RNG has it out for me, :>)

You aren’t that far away if I remember right, in the direction of the tall tower :slight_smile:

I think people need to post the planets they are mining on for any sort of comparison - if ones talking about a starter planet and ones talking about a ring world then of course there will be no problems on the ring planet.

But at the start of 1.0 we won’t have access to ring planets or moons so it’s definitely worth monitoring how accessible basic progression materials are like iron and tech components on starter planets.

From the discussions in Discord Therka seems to have the rough end of the stick for finding iron.


I can confirm in solum. You’re able to find all you need to get out of planet. Post redistribution. And still iron is easier to find than gold was before. I haven’t checked the situation in other starter planets. But solum is possible.

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We at least have plenty of silver on Therka!


Home from Dr. appointment, did laundry, cleaned out the car, washed and waxed. I am bushed getting too old for all this I need to retire. Oh wait I am retired, lol.

Yes I want to find the city so I can do a video of it. Beside hoping to find Jiivita and purchase some iron.

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