Mild bargain on some refined iron

First a little story.

I’m on a project to make tons of all metal blocks. It’s going super slow, as I’ve ben focused on making the hundreds of thousands of cogs required to make just a single chest of octigrid. This keeps my focus on copper and has resulted in a ton of excess iron.

I refine it and set it aside as I have already a full chest of each type of iron deco block. The other day I realized I should change these to copper for those blocks, since I’m mining tons of copper and it all goes into cogs, with a tiny percentage for gold alloy. So last night I started changing. I changed about 5 stacks and honestly it felt like the most progress I’ve made in a while to turn those into copper octigrid :grinning:

For the coming weeks I’ll be changing compact iron to copper for sure. However I still have over 20 stacks of refined iron. And, to the point, I’ve been spending a LOT of coin lately.

So if someone wants to meet up for a (Tax-free) hand trade before I get too deep into changing these refined blocks, I’ll sell up to 18 stacks of refined iron at 40c/block. With 5.7 iron each block that’s basically 7c per iron, and already refined.

Available quantity will drop as I’m changing these to copper through the day.




Done changing and closing this.

I thought I would get them changed in three-ish hours but lots of RL interruptions today.

In any case it’s all turned into copper now. Thanks for reading.

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