Milking animals

I would love to have the ability to attract animals to my base to milk them. As a Farmer/Baker I use a lot of milk, and at present either have to go on hunts for milk glands or use oats which doesn’t come close to meeting my demands. Once you attract the animals you would have to build a pen, with grass for them to eat, which would need replanting every so often and the more lush the grass the higher milk yield you get.

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A natural progression from crop farming would be animal farming. Not sure how it would work out though, or if having loads of animals in a pen would slow servers or any of that technical side of things down? I won’t pretend to know how it all works :laughing:

But I would love to be able to keep animals in pens. My base is crawling with wildstock as it is! I wouldn’t mind having a herd to call my own!

It would be a natural progression, and they could limit the amount of animals per plot so it doesn’t use up too much memory and cause lag. You could have holding pens and a milking pen with a milking machine that gives so many milk per hour dependant on grass quality within the pens and how long a specific animal has been in the milking pen for, so resources gained drop for every 10 mins the same animal is in the milking pen.

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LOL, thanks Orrian, not sure where your mind with that tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I would love it if farming would also include animals in the future, I need a huge amount of runners in small cages, ehhh, large swats of land, free range glands of course, not sure why I said small cages, hmmm :smiley:


Just remember you wanted this. :slight_smile:

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Need cages for runners, the little sods would just keep running away otherwise. :rofl:

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Sweet, my new roadrunner chicks hatched! Aaaand they’re gone… :frowning:

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Step 1: deploy your livestock

Step 2: defend them from waves of predators

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This is one of the things i was hoping for in the farming update.
Instead my old method works the best:
Find a pack of wildstock, shoot a few and pillar up 5 blocks or grapple to a tree and shoot them like fish in a barrel!
That is, if there is no hunt going on… that might be faster if theres more people.

i’ve thought about the concept of milking animals… raise them upside down on the ceiling using an antigravity generator machine and then when its time to milk them bring them to a gravity lock to switch them right side up.

milk could be special this way :3

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I think the concept of running your own ranch would be pretty cool. I do think there’s going to need some quality of life changes to crop farming that mostly has to do with large scale harvesting of seeds and crops that needs to be addressed first. Right now it takes a lot of time to harvest, plant, and then sort the yielded items from a farm of a significant size. Some of these quality of life changes can be an item sorting button on storage blocks, shelves, and chests that separate smart stacks of similar items into their own individual stacks in different storage slots. So meta and sedi and ign rocks would be sorted out by type and color. Same for seeds and crops and any other items. It literately would make things a lot easier. Console players could just have a UI button added on their end while PC players get a hotkey for it that they can press or even a button to click on.

There also isn’t a way to aoe plant crops in a designated area but I think that might be a little difficult given that they can probably be sown in any block. Though I think this could be changed if a specific item was implemented that you could load seeds into and it would let you spam planting of the seed into similar blocks that you’re aiming at and it would spread out seed planting up to maybe 9 affected squares. Basically making it easy to re-plant crops after a harvest.

Ranches I think will become a reality when the developers start focusing more on giving us a variety of land based creatures. I don’t think there should be some sort of limit to how many creatures you can have in a plot but I do think the variety of creatures you can have on your farm and ranch should be a lot larger than 4 or 5. This is of course if we’d even be able to domesticate the existing creatures in the game or even the warp wraith (which wouldn’t make any sense anyways for the wraith).

Plus there’s still a lot they could implement with just crops alone. Hopefully they’d do another farming update and give us more to play around with. :smiley:

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