Mini game building tools

There are several Minecraft mods that allow users to create interactive mini-game elements. There are too may to list in one topic. But there are some basic ones that cover a lot of area.

Mini games are not only fun to make, they add a lot of spice to game and encourage social activity.

1. Start -> Checkpoint -> End block functions
In the past I saw this implemented with signs. When creating a sign you would group them to the a game by name and assign the functions.
Start -> begins the race
Checkpoint -> required to be hit before the end
End -> ends the race and reports the user’s time

People would place this in mazes and parkour games to time the race or use them for having various other crafting/gathering races. In more advanced MOD’s, if a player died after a check point, they would rez at the last checkpoint. That was especially good for parkour.

2. Capture the flag
In the past I saw this implemented with signs as well. One blue and one red flag as well as one blue and one red destination. On top of that, there was a command to start the game and local chat announcements which flags left their bases and when they were reset,

Naturally this one is a PVP based system, so it would have to occur in a PVP area, even if that was just a beacon area.


For capture the flag kind of game there were also items in Terraria. There it were crystals that where dropped on death. Oort also needs something like that, especially if ppl plan to build arenas for such games :wink:

Races are also a nice idea :wink:

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I feel like this could come post 1.0 with modding and stuff…
Minigames are great, but you kinda need to make a functioning game first. After all, this is Oort, and the idea is that oort will be more of it’s own game and less of a tool for people to create different modes in.
That said, once the game is out I’d like to see some modding for sure!