Is there a way to increase the window size of the mini map. I know i can zoom in and that awesome, but it’d be cool if i could resize it and move it around.


Yeah some minimap options would be much appreciated for builders. Minimaps give us a way to look at our builds without having to take the time to get on and off them to go survey. I’d like to see an option of stopping the minimap from curving in order to show an easily understood overhead of our buildings. I’d also like to see some more contrast in minimaps for terrain. Worlds currently look boring from overhead, and having more defined topography on the minimap would make things much more enjoyable to view.

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something like rei’s minimap a minecraft mod
with options to set waypoints so you can find back stuff maybe

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doing that would + making it bigger would need a real map, which as far as im aware is not intented to be used because it takes away the sense of exploration.

Waypoints could also embolden players to go out and explore without fear that they won’t be able to get back to the spire of awesome. Perhaps a system where either you can only have so many waypoints you can use as breadcrumbs or maybe it will only display waypoints within a X block radius?

About waypoints, you guys know location tokens are planned right?

Reis minimap worked as in you get there the map fills then you can leave waypoints
So explore a piece it gets on your map
Not have a map and go somewhere

Would be nice if you could make maps you explored and sell that info to others though

that has been discussed a long time, but yes, we get location tokens as thorbjorn says, you can stand a point and craft a token, then throw that into your compass and you will move towards it.

We’re working on a GUI update. Likewise expect more features to be added to the mini map as well.

Let us know what you think would be cool.


Honestly? being able to adjust everything in the HUD. i dont usually do it but sometimes little things are bothering me and i might move it slightly, but some almost cant play games if they cannot customize the HUD


Agreed! :smile:

yeah, as a MMO-Gamer you are used to move just EVERYTHING! (… and resize it … make it transparent … adjust it … make it more detailed … take a totally different HUD-mod …) :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Ability to set and display waypoints, definitely
  • Full-screen(ish) to see a larger area, click-and-drag to pan around, zoom in/out
  • Points identifying location of other players, monsters, etc (the ones that aren’t hiding) (maybe requires a Scan ability or something)
  • Maybe a toggle between square and circle, but that’s about all I’d want as far as customizing the GUI. Simple > complex
  • Probably a way to toggle it on/off. (maybe that’s just the hide GUI key.)

I would add some points …

  • beacons (borders and name of it (or the main holder)
  • portals (if known: destination of them)
  • may be with a special scanner: Location of ores or other rare mats
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Great idea. Especially if we can mark and persist the markers.

Would be cool to be able to craft small “markers” which we can then drop for other friends or team mates to see too :wink:

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Ooh, I like that. Maybe when you drop a waypoint marker, you can “tag” your friends to it.

Markers for beacons and portals is awesome.

I don’t think public, everyone-can-see-this-marker-I-dropped waypoints are a good idea, it would become waypoint hell pretty quick…


we are going to be able to craft location tokens wherei f we put them in our map we wil get a waypoint.

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This has been confirmed, to be able to be done with location tokens.

I think players as a default should be hidden from others.

Couldn’t this just be done with a location token?

im with thorbjorn on this one, only your party members should be seen on the minimap, i dont think creatures should either, it would be convenient but it would also make you know precisely how many of each type there is,. maybe if they add a tamer allow to learn to find all beasts in the area and then you could see those on the minimap