Mini shop

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:smiley: hey everyone!
ive opened my first shop on Mayrx, really want to be able to help others out that may be newer to the game! selling cheap gleam, colourful sand,mud, ash, & augments !
Whatever it may be, I wanna be here to help! lots of love, princess420


Hey there; welcome! Where might one find your shop on Maryx?

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North of Scopulus De Jonk - Maryx :smiley: Mini shop is in the gleam castle :heart_decoration: I will soon be opening a portal so its a easier to access ! Just working on building up my portal fuel :smiley:

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people won’t really know where all the regions are - best is to give exact coordinates or maybe open a portal to a portal hub and then tell people where the portal is

good luck with your endeavors :sunglasses: :smile: