Mining Fossils


Has Somebody a very good Planet or Spot for farming Fossils ?

I would be very Happy If Somebody has because i need to BE Mine my self more and BE effectiv because of time i have to do IT or to Play.

My Shop is now empty with Essence and my reguest baskets are fully coined but Nobody sells IT nearly 1.000.000 coins in .
And i want to keep IT up for all the marble and Seba makers.
Greetings Turrican2006


I believe Norkyna has the highest percentage of large fossils. Great for gold, silver and amethyst also.


These are not current/exact numbers but it’s a good guideline created from a snapshot by @Mayumichi


Yeah I just checked the resource tab in game, I keep all the T6 and most of the T5 planets tracked on my miner so I don’t have to visit each one when I’m looking for something in particular, and Norkyana had the highest percentage by a long shot.


Keep in mind that percentages can be misleading, as i dont think all tiers have the same total amount of resources; can confirm norkyna is quite a good place tho.

If you want fossils in particular, consider going to mined out topaz spots too, people tend to expose a good deal of fossils and not pick them up so you could get some fast mining in there too


Thx to you :+1::+1::+1: i Hope ist will Help me


Agreed. Large fossils normally like a bit of altitude so if you want the real fossil hotspots on norkyna you’re not going to get many gems.

Houchus is my favorite permanent world for overall returns with a focus on large fossils. Tons of sapphire and iron for side projects.


What you will actually find is that large fossils will spawn at any altitude, they don’t care about altitude at all. They just like to be ideally 30-50 blocks under the surface depth which is why you will find them in conjunction with Sapphire and Topaz in particular Topaz because they favour areas with sand on the surface like you will find alot of on Galan.

But if you’re after Fossils alone, then Norkyna is by far the most abundant planet in all types of fossils with Besevrona a close second. For some reason they just prefer the Caustic planets, or maybe it’s just because these planets get mined so infrequently.


Norkyna ist very good,

I think the Fossil Spawn Most in metamorphic Stones that ist what i think. Perhaps Somebody feels the Same or can correct me, ITS Just a felling.


I think that might just be a coincidence… but I could be wrong as I dont know for sure.


Norkyna and exoplanets are my favorite places for fossils.
On Nork I mine amethyst and pick all the fossils as I go.
On exo’s people generally ignore fossils so on the T6 & T7 ones, especially when they’ve been around a few days, you can usually find other people’s mining tunnels and run through them finding a lot of already exposed fossils.


Seconding this.

If I need fossils I go to Houchus and come back with a ss or two with saphs, tech and a load of iron ore.

If I need silver and fossils I go to altinans. I’ve used cardass but the clusters of silver spawns feel much more loose than they are on altinans. My yield is definitely better on altinans than it is on cardass at least.


I think this is coincidence too. When I was newer I looked for this a lot (materials preferrings stone types) but i think it’s just that the planets concentrate different types of stone in different altitudes or regions.

I’m learning to pay more attention to depth from surface, which wakenbake is talking about But have also noticed on exos that I’ve been more likely to find them at high altitudes in greater concentrations.

There are some particular planets with odd circumstances too. Like finding a ton of hard coal at higher altitudes on Kol Huroo.

The numbers in that spreadsheet are the same as the ones in the planets tab of locations, it’s just a fixed set from an older date. No doubt that norkyna does have the highest percentage of large fossils. It’s just not my favorite place to get them.


This was basically my mining bible when I started the game. Click on the advanced mode to see the altitudes and depths that resources really thrive in. Interesting is that hard coal will spawn at any altitude… but ideally 80 blocks under the surface to be abundant. And that’s why you can find it at high altitudes if the mountains are tall enough.

You’ll see things like sapphire and topaz are a function of both altitude and depth. So to find a sweet spot for a location you need to figure out where both the ideal depth and the ideal altitude intercept. I get the impression that the luscent gems behave the same way which is why you can find lots of umbris at alt 120 in one hot spot but nearly none at the same altitude in another.

Depth of materials


Came across loads of fossils on Cardass the other day when I was mining Topaz. There’s a spot quite near the Ultima portal that had a bunch


The new umbris exo has more large fossils than I’ve ever seen, lol


Yeah sick proportion of mediums, too. It’s hard to travel around there without a solidifier but I’m thinking of going back for mainly fossils.


Fossils are essentially non-liquid coin. Mass craft them all into ancient vital essence and feed it to the coin machine. Currently up over 2 million from this alone. It covers every expense my wife and I have in game.

As has been said above, exos are great. Specifically exos that have tall, skinny mountains full of sapphire or topaz are usually full of fossils. It’s nice to melt a mountain and get several full stacks of fossils and gems.


Are all exos meant or Just the T7 exos ?


T7 are usually fossil heavy, but still some more than others. On the current umbris planet 32.34% of all mineable resources were medium and large fossils.

I’m not sure if any of the lower level planets have had that much in the balance, and some of them have a percentage of small fossils,too.