Mining Q - Does the Atlas ever lie?


I used to mine here and there and never had this happen…

Was on Malurialakrib and used to Atlas to find a nice glowing spot for Ruby. Went down and mined all the rock from about 0 - 22 and never found a Ruby. When I mined Ruby in the past, it seemed like the sweet spot was always around 10.

oh well…by the looks of the prices, I probably shouldn’t be mining ruby anyway. :grin:


Afaik, It doesnt display wrong info and it updates live (with a couple seconds lag after you mine a spot). One thing i can tell you though is the glow on it is wide. I mean the rubies may be slightly off the center of where you dug. You can always mine diamonds and convert them to rubies too.


I just looked at a chart that also included an optimal depth from the surface. I might be a little too deep.

Its alright…just curious. thx!!!


It’s always been accurate in my experience. If you keep looking, you will eventually find the culprit for that blue splotch.


I find ruby from 15 - 40 mostly


yeah the blips are a general area, I’ve found some of the surface plants to be not always exactly centered on the dot. and it’s easy to tell because there is usually just one in a spot.
The ores would be the same way.
the blips are to just give you a general idea of where the resource is.


Lie is a strong word. Does the Atlas ever poorly suggest? Yes yes it does. Yes it does every day that I go out to find petroleum.