Minter does not give coins

As the name suggests, the Minter is repaired, I put items in it and click and don’t get any coins and it doesn’t matter what I put in there, be it Gleam Pillars, Gleam, Stone, no matter what, it doesn’t give any coins.

What happens to the progress bar when you use it?

This fills up to 100% and then nothing more happens.

The bar has to go over 100% to get any coin I think, then it should reset. You have to put quite allot it, I usually only mint full smart stacks (900 items) at a time, which gives payments for each stack. Doubt it is broken as others would have noticed.

So. I put 900 simple gleam columns in this morning, this should give me 9000 coins according to the display, but gave nothing at all.

You don’t see animation but get coins?
Try with lower amount of items.

If you want to meet me in game you can see if my minter works for you, it was working yesterday, may be able to troubleshoot.

hmm 9000 is allot, maybe that was too many items, did they defiantly disappear?

No. I see the animation and don´t get coins. With lower amout of items, too.

I have only been using refined gleam in my minter, can bring you a SS to see how that fares, is your minter fully coiled?

Yes, it´s fully coiles, it´s fully repaired.

Not sure how else to help unless I come look myself, then I’m still not sure I could help. Good luck hearing from the devs though…

Have you tried breaking/picking it back up and then placing it again? It would essentially reset it.

I remember there was a bug where the coin display didn’t update in the minter, but if you checked the coins in your inventory menu before minting and checked again after minting, it did award the coins. You’re sure it’s not just the minter window not updating the coins properly?