Missing money

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My Hard coal stand has sold out twice. When I got to check it, the items are gone but I have no funds to collect. The first time I thought I could have collected it. So I refilled it and let it go overnight. Well I get up this morning to check and its sold out again and yet no funds are there to collect. I dont have anyone allowed on my shop beacon except my main character and I made sure the price was set right. I did take down my shop stand and put it back up to see if it was a glitch or maybe it would give me my money but nothing happened. I also put a ticket in on game!

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oh no!

is your shop in a guild? and have the proceeds maybe gone there?

(i don’t know if that’s a thing that can happen)

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You rec’d a notice that the items sold or you noticed no items on your stands?


We’re exactly is your shopstand?
Do you have it Guild Aligned with the builders thingy set to on?

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you figure it out? I can log in and see if it’s free for me maybe you accidentally placed a setting so others from your Guild can grab from your shopstand

like for ULT I have all my hubs I own set to were any ULT member can break blocks or refill portals and shopstands

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My mate and I have lost items before by not adding a price to the stand, someone cleaned it out :disappointed:


If it helps, I purchased a lot of hard coal in this time frame if it was under 30c. I definitely paid for it

Sorry guys, I lost the thread. No my beacon isnt aligned with a guild and the price was indeed set. I put it in there and it sold. I refilled it and didnt collect the money because I was going to switch characters… well I got into building and forgot. So being in the same character (my shop person) went back later that night and the coal i put in was gone. Even the money I left in there was gone which was 18k and the coal I refilled it. Super weird.

My items sold!