Mixed Reviews and Early Access cost

They’re set up so that every night the game automatically builds and releases to steam (in a separate beta channel). They also blog about most minor changes on http://playstarbound.com/

Even though many of those changes are incredibly minor, it gives the semblance of progress (and players can immediately poke around the nightly build if they so choose). The downside is that, I’m sure, it slows down the Starbound devs a good bit (blog posts take a lot of effort!)

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Cool, and how long have starbound been in early access? just under 2 years on the early access page and then prob longer in prebuild, that is the point im trying to make, some early access games have been in developement for a long time and some havent, so if you want to compare you need to either

a) compare starbound from a year ago to how it is now
b) compare oort in a year to how starbound is now

and some have been even longer in early access and developement, and some are thrown into developement when they are nearly done, there are litterally early access games that are only in early acces for a few weeks to get the last tweaks.

Early access is such a vague term that you need to look into it, it is clearly still in developement but they are in different stages of developement so to say, so the average troll will go ‘‘but this game which have been in developement for 2 years longer is ahead and that is early access, why isnt this as far ahead’’

Hope you can understand it, my thoughts are not very comprehensive atm

the biggest problem is thus that Oort is in Pre-alpha stage while some games are in beta stage, meaning that people will compare a beta stage game to a pre-alpha stage game with the argument ‘‘but they are both early access’’


That is in no way an answer to what I wrote.
I wrote that the price of a game does in no way relate to its community. I mentioned with no word if the price is appropriate. And how does my backer status relate to this discussion?

The amount we all paid isn’t really a fair discussion :frowning:

$35 can be a substantial amount of money for many people. Just because we happen to have enough extra cash to throw at this game doesn’t necessarily mean we have the potential to be any more invested in the game as someone who may not be able to afford it. Those folks just have to be a lot more choosy about what games they play (risk their money on).

The complaints are kind of a good sign: “I really want to play this game, but I can’t justify $35 right now” seems to be the common complaint. Too bad that’s got a negative connotation :frowning:

Not yours, was talking about those who complain about buying it for 35 dollars :smile:

Also yes, the price of the game DOES relate to the community, in many ways, higher price = less non dedicated people buy it, HOWEVER, on the counter side that also means that the burn is felt much harder if you think you got burnt and thus they might complain more, but no you will get complaints no matter what.

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Tell me more about the community of Call of Duty, which is 70,-
And compare it with the community of Arma2, which is 10,-

Or compare the community of LoL which is f2p with Dota which is ptp. (back in the days)

yes this is totally fair, that is just not what is happening, most of them are literally just blatant insults against the developers, so many of them dont even care about the game they just want to complain (and yes it happens) let me find pictures (yay)

This one is the classic ‘‘minecraft is this price so oort should be too’’

This person seems kinda interested but basically says ‘‘you should lower the price because then i would buy it and every community needs me’’

this one is my favorite and the general opinion i see ‘‘i would pay 5 dollars’’

ben was actually nice enough to ask but the person never answered back, ever.

another insult to the devs

and it goes on and on and on and on…

I completely agree, some are really interested but think its too expensive, i have the same way with some games, but i personally dont go in complaining that ‘‘i am entitled to the game cheaper’’ i just either A) dont buy it or B) buy it at a sale, that simple.

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Yeah, good point

LoL and Dota both have toxic communities because it is a f2p game which attracts trolls. trying to compare a constantly played game to a non played one is nonsense. but fair enough, if you think that there is absolutely no difference on the community depending on the price then its fair, its not my place to argue against a subjective opinion :smile:

To be fair, i do agree that the Ratio stays somewhat constant, but that also mean that if you always have 10% trolls then 10% of 10000 and 10% of 12 000 000 are just not the same.

i do know the pain of wanting an expensive game though, i really want dynasty warriors 8 empires and toukiden kiwami but they are both 50 euro with nowhere to get it cheaper, so i just cant justify buying it, however i still think it would be disgraceful to go to the forums and say ‘‘im not willing to pay so much so you have to sink the price to please me’’

i think the same principle applies to yatches, i dont have yatch cause they are expensive as hell, doesnt mean i spend all my time screaming at the yatch vendors that i deserve a yatch cheaper just for being me :smile:

But i think the reviews that just say ‘‘dont buy this right now since there isnt alot to do’’ is completely fair.

When you had to buy dota for 20 ,-

[quote=“Zouls, post:29, topic:2667”]
trying to compare a constantly played game to a non played one
[/quote] :question:

I think it´s more than a subjective opinion, things like the call of duty, GTA franchise are a pretty good example that high price != better community.
And games like Arma, EvE Online and Warframe are a pretty good examples for games that have a “better” community although being cheap.

TBH. The reviews you posted pretty much sum up what I´ve thought (think) when I first saw this game on steam. The cheapest package that gives you early access is pretty expensive for the current state of the game.

My suggestion would be:
Sell a 5 /10 / 15,- package that only gives you 2 things:

  • Acces for the beta (not for the release)
  • A 5 / 10 / 15,- discount for the release game.

So people who are interested in the game but don´t want to sped 35,- for a “pig in a poke” can also take a look at the gameplay.

Or make the Trailblazer package also give instant access.

They have already stated that they plan to reduce the price once the game is good enough for most people to enjoy it so it will come over time :smile:

but for now ‘‘if its too expensive, dont buy it’’ i know you disagree but that is my opinion, as long as the price for now doesnt mean it will crash completely i am fine with the slower pace.

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As we can see,the price is way too high.
I’ve showed Oort to many of my friends and family,and they say the same thing “It a little expensive…” “35-50 dollars for a game in alpha,that’s stupid…” “Why would I pay to play a game that’s not done,when I could get paid to play a random game in Beta.”
The response is the same,it’s too much,bring it down like 10-15 dollars each package.
Also the things you get for buying a package isn’t worth anything yet

No one knows what these things are,the only two that I see people buying is the 35 and 5,000. Because the only reason someone would buy the 5,000 is for a talk with the developers, and name in the credits. The only reason people would buy the 35,is because it’s the cheapest we have. So yes,we need to change the prices to a more reasonable/ realistic for a Pre-alpha.
I’ve learned in life (being a stubborn person) that the world doesn’t change for people,people change for the world.
The gamers=The World
We=The People

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Yes,but people won’t buy it,like they’ve shown,if it’s too much. And there’s nothing wrong with slow, but it eventually will crash, if no one’s buying it because we don’t have enough money to put anything out.( because no one’s buying it )

Zouls…really? is there ever a time you don’t get in someone’s face if they don’t remember every detail on a post and try to make them look ignorant? :unamused: Am I the only one seeing this? It’s not very nice.


i still havent seen any good argumenst other than ‘‘more sales’’ which again, doesnt mean money, maybe it does at first but for each person that buys it there is 1 less potential person to buy it, if it was that easy then every game would be 5 dollars but never the less

as i said before i bought the game back for 95 dollars when it was in early pre-alpha, do you think it was a good game? no, bloody hell, in technical terms it was horrible, so why would i pay 95 dollars? because of the developers, they were open and seemed like they truly cared. and i havent regretted it, earlier up i also wrote that with this game, in the current state i wouldnt recommend to people because it is stil very basic, so why in the world, when you yourselfs says that the game have little content, would you try to bring in more people, that is the logic which bothers me.
But back on topic, even when not playing the game much i still dont feel like i have wasted the money because i have gotten the chance to be part of a community, i have gotten the chance to see a game grow from the very bottom, and been allowed to talk with the developers on how making a game works. I completely agree that the game in current form for pleasure right now (for example if you just want something to game for the weekend) which is why if you buy the game with that thought in mind you will be disappointed, it is fair to be disappointed, now you can even get refunds, i just dont think its fair to use it as an argument to say ‘‘im disappointed so its a bad game no matter what’’

Never the less, your friends and family are right, but if they want to buy the game they will, if they dont want to then they wont, its a simple as that :smile:


That was not a detail on a post, this is common knowledge, he is right that some people will use that excuse but its a bad excuse, its like going into the rain and say ‘‘why in the world am i wet, nobody told me water was wet’’ wasnt meant to make him look ignorant but rather the people who complain for no reason :smile:

but please, do explain which ‘‘detail on a post’’ i implied they didnt remember. if that is the case i apologize sincerely, i never have intention of harm in discussions :smile:

Just pointing out that it would be a good thing to have another hobby other than putting every post in the forum under a miroscope and finding fault with it…just my 2 cents. :expressionless:


Much appreciated, now i just need 98 cents for a dollar :smile:


I want more people to know about this,this is not a secret world that if you happen to stumble on,good for you. No this is a game that 200-600 people in the world know about.(hyperbole) So yes,I’d love to share this awesome creation to everyone I can,because that’s helping the game.
Here’s two great examples as to why people need to know about this game…See in my next post…

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