Mob Spawning Questions

Does anybody have any information on how/where mobs spawn? For example:

The distance in which mobs will despawn?
The distance in which mobs will spawn from a player?
Is there certain terrain/biomes where certain mobs spawn more often (roadrunners have a high percentage to spawn in…)?

Any information will be super helpful, thanks!
( you can PM me if you don’t want the knoeledge to be public :wink: )


My best understanding (from messing with capturing mobs)

They spawn equally in all terrains. All monster types spawn equally too (albeit in groups). It’s just easier to find mobs on flat terrain.

Caveat, they can only spawn on an actual block, so if the terrain has giant holes, fewer mobs will spawn at surface. They also only spawn on unplotted blocks. But if, say, you put a bunch of unplotted blocks next to dkmall, or on the warp zone at dkmall (which is unplotted), critters start spawning.

If you’re lucky you can see them spawn, they fall out of the sky maybe 10 plots away from where people are. The more people there, the more spawns.

They seem to despawn pretty easily, if you go even a few plots away from a captive mob it can disappear.


I hope mob spawning changes, now those can spawn near you when you move fast on terrain. It feels that creative uses same kind of system and on empty flat world you can see it easy. I don’t this spawning system because if I move fast on mobs ambush by spawning around :smiley: But I think you can use it as advantage.

I think game takes account some rules for mobs like there needs to be ground near that mobs wouldn’t spawn to ocean but can still spawn to water like on coast.

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Oh yeah they won’t spawn on ocean

Not sure if they’ll spawn on 1m deep water but I think any liquid prevents spawn, including resin petrolim lava

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Thanks, got some good ideas in the brain :slight_smile:

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