Mobile Companion App


I think it would be great to have a Mobile Companion App for Boundless. When you’re not in game you can still monitor beacons, shop stands as well as edit character skills and spend cubits in the exchange from your mobile device. I’m sure there are other things that an app could be useful for as well.



this is a fantastic idea! I would totally use this.

it would be great for:
-checking beacons
-offline (afk) chat, may or may not be tied to in-game chat?
-beacon debug for PS4 players! (or anyone i suppose if they don’t like f1? :thinking:)
-getting more attention and publicity in the mainstream! (without the huge costs of advertisements!)


Having in game chat would be great for us ps4 players. Currently use PS second screen app so it doesnt take a month to type “hello”, but would use a boundless one daily if there was one. Plus notifications and all that would be awesome in an app.


that would be awsom!


Brilliant idea, I hadn’t even thought of this to solve the PS4 in game messaging issue. Good thinking.


Its a game changer. Haha.

The ps communities app is a decent workaround for screenshots too. Make a private community, post screenshots on the wall there, and you can download em on your phone through the app.


Right! and if you can get the screenshot on your phone then they can easy be shared on Discord or other social sites.


what ya think off adding a minigame that give ingame rewards :smile:
then i can do useful stuff at work :joy:

def big fan off original idea aswell
love to mess with skills without being ingame
our acces my guildbooks and permissions :smile:


Fuel your beacons :smiley: make an agenda item in your phone when it expires (days upfront ofcourse)