Mod Manager and Mod Collection

Yeah, I didn’t make it unfortunately, just made it function. :slight_smile: Seems like a few of these mods might be outdated, but if they aren’t used I guess that doesn’t matter :sweat_smile:

I did a quick edit to the English file for anyone that wants the Protection Info and World Info (best slingbow) mods applied.

it goes in here … Boundless\assets\archetypes\strings

and always best to make a backup copy of the original file.


@Soju-VB Thanks for this! Any possible way you could add the # to the color?

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Adding numbers to the color requires editing of itemcolorstrings.dat.
I am currently working on that. Already understanding most important parts of that file and started to edit it now.


@Lorgar Many thanks!!!

Here is the first version of color numbers. This is how it looks:

There is a space between the numbers for now but that should only be a minor issue.

Download file and overwrite existing in Boundless\assets\archetypes. Make a backup to easily revert later.

Supports numbers for English and German

Update: New version without spaces can be found here now:


Curious question here…why are so many fixated on the gleam code identifier number on the server? It’s not useful in the game, on the front end. Wouldn’t it be better to include the hex code of the given color - which can be used in game to match/sort the gleam?

Personally I sort all of my Exo items, not just gleam, by color number (1 through 255) so for my storage it is very handy to have.


Because it’s easier to see when you are trying to collect all colour variations of any particular item


:+1: I was curious, since I use a different method to sort all of my gleam and Exo items. Thank you for the info.


I started it this way because I use the JSON data from the Exos when I am gathering and it provides the color number. Not having the tint color in game is not a game breaker, but having it sure does make for less searching in my google docs for which color is which number.


Now that makes sense. Thank you

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Thank you so much for doing this. I looked at the file and gave up pretty quickly! The space between the numbers is no issue at all for me as long as the number is there so thank you!


Well now you can just change the Dex number to Hex and use less characters for the color too! :smiley:

I was glad to see they added support for the shortcode :+1:

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Happy to help, should say that what I did was simple and relied completely on the previous work by @willcrutchley , @Mayumichi and @Simoyd (and likely others). I just used their tools to fix the file.


You are flippin AWESOME!!! who cares about the spaces we got id’s again… now I can sort my items with ease thanks to you!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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Thanks so much @Lorgar and all previous contributors and creators!

yay can’t wait to reinstall