Modding on Creative Rental Worlds?

Is this gonna be a thing on creative rental worlds?
Or is modding only gonna be allowed on local creative?

I would hope only on creative LOCAL for modding. Any public universe stuff would risk problems of advantage and stuff in my view.

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How can you advantage people in creative?

Well if we have rented Creative that are not in any fashion connecting to the Public universe then I would be fine with Modding. But at this point I just feel any modding isn’t good until I see their framework and how it would be available to everyone. Once that is clarified more then likely I have no issues with mods in general.

We already saw how the “client modding / memory reading” was taken advantage by some to give them things that other players did not have. Some of those things were big advantages. I

You can already fill your inventory with free items in creative

I assume you mean taking items from creative modded planets TO survival. But you already can’t take ANY items from creative to survival.

They’re talking about client mods which allow for things like meteorite cores to be seen from a much longer distance than default allows, along with other enhancements that provide gameplay bonuses over those without said mods installed.

I’m talking full on lua stuff

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Right but what bonus could you give yourself that someone else couldn’t get?

You can give yourself oort in creative. And people already have meteor mod in survival (which I think is unfair btw)

Not being difficult just curious.

That’s the POINT, DK. Also note this, those people are on PC. Consoles cannot apply the meteor mod.

Assuming the MOD can’t someone adjust things then maybe. Again, there isn’t much details on how Mods will be applied to the public part of the game in the MMO mode we play. Until I see more details on the types of mods and what they do/don’t do, personally I will just reserve judgement and lean toward no.

I’d suggest some people start posting the type of Mods they expect so we can have a better conversation instead of just blanket yes/no view…

Ok example mods

When you plant a rift, a rift tree grows. Creative only

  • Yes
  • No

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Slides with boost, creative only

  • Yes
  • No

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Is this yes/no we don’t want to see it?

Yes means allow this
No means don’t allow this

To me it seems like the intent was to allow lua scripting and modding on creative

Anything communicated or written about “creative” up until the “sovereign worlds/creative worlds inside live mmo” testing releases should in your head be re-written as “local sandbox”. aka nothing to do with what is now being called creative worlds (live in-mmo ones)

(I’m not saying that anything is or is not going to be implemented, just that you cant take what has previously been said about creative(re: local sandbox) as being related to the “new” creative(re: live in-mmo worlds))


Oh thank god
A dev

Sounds good.

Update the threads/posts as a result of this change of terminology?

This is where some of the confusion lies, imho. Something gets put out there by a dev, and it remains out there unedited, unupdated causing folk that do go back and search for tidbits of information to come back with posts that are no longer true.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: