Mods that changes the logic of the game?

Hi !

I’ve been searching for a minecraft-like game for a long time after Minecraft, and I stumbled upon this game, which looks like to be really good. Before buying, I’d like to have more information about the modding capabilities

I’ve been developping Bukkit Plugins for a long time (I think I spent more time in Eclipse than in Minecraft) and I’d like to know if it would be to hook events (Block destruction, Damage to entities, …) and add logic to the game ? I don’t really like to add blocks and items, but I enjoy making game modes (RvR, FvF, battlegrounds) and tools for administrators.

Thanks in advance !

there is another topic explaining it.

How modding will work is still in discussion,

you can find the discussion here

Thanks, I’m gonna read this thread !

Modding is still very much a work-in-progress - so let me flip this question around.

  • In an ideal world how would you like to see modding implemented?
  • What requirements would you have?
  • Is there something you wanted to do in the past but weren’t able to?

The more details you can provide the better we’ll understand what you’re looking for. I’ll then see if I can give a response to each requirement / request.

To give you some perspective for what we’re targeting, have you looked at the world building tool we’ve already published?


The debate over how a modding API should be done in Minecraft has lasted more than 2 years, and I think nobody succeeded in proposing a model that satisfied all parties. My model is maybe not the perfect

First of all, I distinguish 2 main kind of mods:

  • “Content mods”: adds blocks, items, textures. Those must be downloaded by the client when he connects to a server as it contains code for rendering blocks and textures, and the textures that must be rendered.
  • “Logic mods”: adds logics to the game. They use the events emitted by the game to change how the world reacts to the players (Preventing a block from being destroyed in certain conditions, for example) and add commands to the server. I don’t think those must be downloaded by the client, as the code must only be executed on the server-side.

I’m more interested in Logic Mod, and to be able to make those, there should be a programming interface to register functions or classes as event listener and the game should call them before processing the actions.

That’s a very cool tool you’ve published, but I’m more interested in tools that would allow us to change the rules of the world. (I’m not really an artistic person, but I like making gameplay :smiley: )

Ok - just to confirm - from your perspective:

“Logic mods” should only execute on the server. This implies that the client would only accept asset / data mods. There would be no logic / code mods to the client?

i would like for you guys to ask for community created blocks which if they are good and within the rules of the game you can add them as official blocks.

In theory, yes.

For example, a simple mod could prevent players from placing and destroying blocks near the spawn area. This is something that only happens on server-side, the client doesn’t any code for this.
To achieve that, the mod would register a listener for the “destroy/place block” event and, when it is emitted, check if the block is far enough from the spawn.