Moebius plaza (big problems)

found out today that @NL-Tim put me off the plots on plaza he owns while i was waiting for @PharaohNai plots to build out the full plaza corner

@NL-Tim you promised to trade back the plots to me
in PM when @toxip has given his aproval

the rebuild was gonna include @Heureka underroad
and more portals for players who loved to have a portal there

and a center for players to message

i hope we can come to a agreement on this our i have to put an ugly wall there and mess up therkamarket :frowning:

@SWProzee1 maybe you can persuade your friend cause this affect loads off player who have been using the plaza to build up a small community :frowning:

anyway @NL-Tim one question why cant you just talk to me about this stuff instead off staying offline and just come on to do this stuff :frowning:

oh and the only reason why we put up a new portal building in front off your old one was becuase we needed to grow plaza is a community place and the game is growing
and i wanted more people to join in the fun


its solved i make a nice nordic castle style portal building around it but if tim wants to help build it out for us i will listnen to him


I can guess why his ego is damaged, but this move is just childish.
What really pisses me of is not his infantile reaction, but that he thinks he is speaking in the name of others like Toxip and Heureka who where part of the new plaza and trying to evolve Therka Market and keep it alive, while he’s inactive since forever and his builds are unfinished piles of dirt. (“Great Builders” finish their shit.)

Moebius Plaza is where Moebius and the Portals are. It’s not bound to a fixed location.
My suggestion is to move the whole plaza and leave NL_Tim with an smoking empty crater he can be king of.


I’m not sure of anything about all the details or why things were done but when people build stuff in front of other people’s buildings I would assume that shows some level of disrespect. So I wouldn’t be surprised that they might take people off their plots because of the original issue.

I do agree things should be worked on and solved between people in a decent way when there are disputes.


oh imagine you making your village and poof 3sides plotted around you in morning :smile: toxip forgot to fuel it and my friend to after some update stuff it should have never been his in first place
@havok delete this post i have no time for this discussion
having to much fun building village with friends :smile:
sorry @Xaldafax i get worked up about this alot lol
didn mean to be so offensive but this has a long historie :smile:

No I hear you… things happen that can be very frustrating. I just meant that people should do their best to solve issues without having remove permissions or a long history of not being able to work things out.

Trying to build community areas is very hard and I feel for the challenges you have faced.


i agree completly this was the main issue all along NLtim is a onewaystreet always :smile:

hey @Stretchious could you remove this one to
no need for it anymore it just turn into a endless discussion better make it go sleepy sleepy :smile:

This is not good, @NL-Tim should hand the plots over to Moebius. It’s one thing to have an unfinished pile of dirt out in the wilderness somewhere, but not in what is probably the most heavily trafficked area in the whole game. It’s a community issue so it’s important that things be dealt with I think.

As an aside, here’s a crazy idea: How about we all just collaborate on a new city?


Funny you should mention that…:grin:


Well there is Aquatopia which is still growing and accepting new players, and there soon will be @Cookviper’s new “City of Steam” that no one can join yet, but maybe soon will open up for players to join.


But I mean on Therka. A “New Therka” if you will. :sunglasses:


that is actually a really cool idea.

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i like to stay in therkamarket @Heureka @Kirinvar and others allready made it look way better then before i put a template around the plots and @Swede gonna make it look good when he finds time no worrys


There will be only ruins…

I’m not going in to a full public discussion, as mostly of this is already discussed in PM or ingame.
There are a few things to note, as there was a reason why these actions were taken:

  1. Plots that are mine, stay mine as the game allows me to do that. For use now, or for later community projects. That’s how the game is designed. Of course there is room for discussion or to give plots away, but there is no reason to force that.
  2. There was an agreement about the discussed corner, that it would stay in the way it was with the letters on the wall. He had permission to change the floor around it. Everything got removed… so plot acces was revoked
  3. Community portal building mostly blocked from the plaza, which was in use by multiple players and handed out for free to make Therka Market Plaza a succes. Blocking that is not a community-friendly action.
  4. ALL my projects were community focussed projects. The portal hub, roads, supplying portals, gardens and parks, shops, etc. Even a public website about the game-server performance and player to gameserver connectivity check.

I was and still am not amused about a few players in the community and how the game is being developed at the moment. I still like other parts of the game concept, so I decided to take a break. I’ll come back and continue with developing community focused projects. Give it some time.

Kind Regards


i see your point
if you come back we can talk about your plots and mine for moment we
just use the place as a huge hub i have my own
big projects on solum im focusing on
all we doing is setting up more portals cause i get mailed every day for them
my apoligys i got hotheaded about it
in the end we just waiting for reset
plaza is just to small for being a huge hub as it is becoming
ive got ownership off the hole corner around it to so it was waiting to be plotted to make it way bigger thats all

if theres room to talk im not to fond off the building in front off yours it was just a atempt to get more plaza faced portals cause thats the only ones people want it can be removed
the portals on upperfloors are very unpopular

it would be cool if your building could provide more then 4 plaza facing portals

also the portals with two stairs next to it
where your shop is can be removed and put elsewhere so it opens up to something you can add or use as shop entrance

let me know if you let it be for moment
or these things sound like something we can work on

i had to rework it so many times for more portal
that im getting bored off it and want a final design that can work on its own if ya follow

ps i know ive been doing wrong blocking you to getting to involved in a virtual reality haha lolz


oh and
number 1 mine are mine to
number 2 there was a PM with you promissing to give it back after aproval from original owner wo i lend the plot @toxip and he forgot to fuel
same way as your shop plots also taken after my other friend @pinn forgot to fuel he was not very happy about this he said he let you keep it but felt presured to say this (good source he lives in my street real world :slight_smile:)
number 3 was olmost unused except for one portal
4 maybe you could have been in the comunity to atract players to use your comunity based projects

i feel like you build extension on my projects with limited contact with me and comunity like normal comunity builds would have