Monthly boosts

Just to add some little goals and rewards.

Active mini stat boosts for achieving monthly goals.

Kill x cuttle and it reduces fall damage
Kill x road runners for a little speed boost
Mine x blocks for boost to hammer skills
Place x blocks for extra placement speed
Defeat x times for defensive bonus

And so on.

Could have different levels for each.

It would reset at the start of each month.

Just would create a little bit of specialisation, and some incentive to do certain tasks, for those that need it.


Not a bad idea at all, rewards players for going out doing what they’re doing anyway and makes them a little bit better at doing that! Kind of like “practise makes perfect”.


placint x blocks for extra speed sounds great! Tht and the road runner slaughter

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I really like this idea, but I read some where some one saying that this punishes those who dont play a lot but its ok to “punish” those who do.


there is no real punish… its just a little extra for those who do play… i dont get why ppl say things like that but ok :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea anyway, would get me go mining a bit more often :smiley: