More (badly) forged totems

3333c - (6x) Cross AoE, 7m Attraction, +15 Action Speed

2999c - (1x) Cross AoE, +5m Attraction

2299c - (3x) Below AoE, +7m Attraction, +25 Action Speed

3999c - (3x) 3x3 AoE, +7m Attraction

3299c - 3x3 AoE, +25 Damage, +1000 Durability, -10 action speed

I usually stick to venerable and basic forges but i wanted to forge some of these for myself and these were the roadkill so I’m selling them to recover costs.

Well except the one with the speed defect and +damage on it. That’s from before I, uhm, swore off forging :exploding_head: :

I haven’t actually shopped but I see 3x3 advertised with magnet or speed for ~4k.

The two I managed with magnet and speed are for me Muah Ha Haaaaaa!

So much ingredients burned please com shop! The forge is new and I have other venerable and special forges if you need them (buff bombs, solidifiers, chisels and stuff).

For most the easiest way is probably to use the Biitula PS Hub portal to Sunken Storage (northwest corner 2nd level), and then use the Lanternlight Forge portal to your right.