More Body Shapes - Specifically Heavier Set Characters

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Hiya, relatively simple suggestion (not suggesting ease of implementation), which be redundant (if so: delete thread) but it would be nice to have the option of some heavier set characters in game.

I recognise the reason why particularly short, or particularly tall characters might be a pain from game mechanics standpoint, since essentially all character are able to fit in a 2 block tall vertical gap.

Although that said it would be funny to include, and then just have stock animations set up to;
… deny 1/1½ block tall characters entry through 1/1½ block vertical gaps (french mime glass wall?).
… have ‘stooping’ for 2½+ block tall characters.

However, a gut or whatever wouldn’t stop any actions in game, nor really get in the way.

As always, just a suggestion, no expectation inherent, no entitlement to being heard felt.
It’s just putting thoughts out there for free.
I will, as usual, mute the thread. :slight_smile:

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