More Graphics settings on PS4 Please

Can we please get more graphics settings for ps4 like distortion on/off and low detail blocks

Why would you want low detail blocks?

And what is “distortion”?

I like the low detail graphics on pc i think they look good and distortion is the particles around the portals

i would like the reduce grass height option that pc has.

we have that?

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Yea you guys have a lot of nice options

it’s not so much grass height, it’s more like density

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i miss the weather off from beta lol

I think PC has an advantage over PS4 at this gleambow event because we can tweak our graphics to see meteors from further away. I have my gfx settings optimized for draw distance and applied a mod to make meteors easier to spot. I play right next to my gf who is on a PS4 and I see meteors long before the PS4 draws them.

I think the devs could look into making both the streaking meteor and the god spotlight effect visible from further away without letting the performance watchman cull them so readily.

OR BETTER YET add live meteors to the compass HUD


I really miss the old foliage. never played at the time, but can’t stand the suction cups these magnificent leaves turned into.

oh :broken_heart: and the lighting! it was so nice back then, I don’t know what changed (never was a fan of DOF tho… great for photos, bad for gaming visibility)

YES! definitely that last part!!

and also I remember months ago meteors used to be a lot easier to hear… we used to be able to hear them long before we could even see them!
now I only know if a meteor is coming, AFTER it hits! which is too late if there is any kind of hill or obstacle or anything around me.
it would be nice to hear them again


Wish the ps4 could reflect my build on the water like the pc does.


@Wonderstruck Can we get some of these?

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Yes please

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Boundless should never been released to ps4 thats just my opinion because the difference is to high, if i was a ps4 player and got boundless i would ask for a refund 5 minutes later even the “preview” “trailers” “footage” are not taken from ps4. in other words the quality shows is not actual on ps4

I actually like the lower graphics personally I just wish we had more graphical settings


+1 we really do need more options.