Morphing Goo Question

What color chart are we using to predict how goo will change when placed on gleam? Is it the normal ROYGBIV chart and if so would we assume red is furthest from violet? (White and black excluded) And would shadow red to stark lavender be the biggest jump?

Or would we picture it as a circle and red and violet would be adjacent?

Or are we using boundless numbers 1-255?

If this has been asked before please point me to the post so I can read up on it. Thanks :grin:

Is it safe to assume luminous goo and white gleam would produce white goo? Night goo and black gleam=black goo. Anyone have any testing they want to share.

I’m currently leaning to turn all goo to pigment and combining pigments to get desired colors. Of course this wont work for black and white I would guess

I’ve done very limited testing. Here are my results so far

Oxide violet gleam-ashen taupe goo
Ashen gray result

Strong red gleam-stark orange goo
Pale sepia result

Strong red gleam-warm fuschia goo
Deep fuschia result

Strong red gleam-ashen taupe goo
Ashen gray result

So far I’ve got Dark Orange gleam with Silk Cherry goo, the result was Dark Red goo.

Stark Orange gleam, with Silk Cherry goo, result was Stale Red.

Warm Orange gleam, with Silk Cherry goo, result was Stale Red.


I have around 70 different colours so far, just trying to figure out if the mutations follow a set line or if they are random between a set amount of colours.


I’ve put several colours on black goo, they seem to turn darker because of it which makes sense. Should try some with white too which I haven’t done yet… Have all kinds of different set ups, testing set ups mostly, to see what works…


I’ve managed to get white pigment but not black yet… (testing a great amount on black and white also)


You can mix goos when making the spray cans or when using that machine and putting blocks inside it,
When u put the two different goos in it will tell you the colour that it will make
Also different amounts of the two goos you mix will also determine colour output


Also keep in mind there is a chance that the goo will.mutate in a complet other direction. So you may end up with some random colors over the process


My latest test results

Strong red gleam - stark orange goo
Light mustard
(last test with same combo resulted in pale sepia)

Strong red gleam - luminous red goo
Cool red
(No seed from this one)

Mutating to random colors seems too unpredictable for 90% seed return. Gonna use my future tests using only white and black to see how consistently i can get these colors and with how many rounds of morphing it takes.

Anyone know why my goo is changing to new colors?

I had 3 colors when I started, but now I have 8 Dye Colors.

My setup is just Goo on rocks with lava around (gleam light on walls)


I did this setup so that my goo would stay the same color…but it keeps giving me other colors then I planted. I am on Phemenorum which is a lush starter world.

Any tips/help would be great!

I feel like mine did this also. I couldn’t prove it because when i went back to watch my video from collecting, the color had already changed before I harvested it. I figured maybe I just planted the wrong color and didn’t realize it.

Is goo supposed to morph randomly on planets still? The notes that were posted changed based on testing.

At one time it was based on the planet…now it is based on the gleam. However, when planted on rock with just lava it is still morphing. Should it be? If not, I can do a test and give data if needed for it to be fixed.


goo on lush worlds stayed fixed.
goo on other worlds morphed towards a target colour based on atmosphere + a random mutation

now: (and as per the release notes at the time)

goo has random mutation, and if grown on gleam, also morphs towards the gleam colour.

key being, even without gleam there is a random mutation still.


Missed that last part in release notes. Im not crazy then :joy:

Thanks!!! You are awesome @lucadeltodecso!!