Motion up stairs stalls since 108 release

I’ve noticed that my avatar just stops moving upstairs even when there’s nothing blocking the way since 108 dropped. It seems to happen more on side-by-side pairs of stone stair blocks, but I can get stopped on single-width stairs as well. Backing up and then moving forward again clears it for awhile. It seems like I get stuck halfway across/up the block.


Yes, so its not just me??? i keep thinking something is blocking. I am having this issue alot :frowning:

I am also experiencing this!

yep I have the same problem too and a lot more lag as well even with lowering the settings even more

I have also experienced tbis I find that if you jump while climbing it stops blocking for the rest of the stairs if its a.big staircase.

:chester: :lester:

My fault :slight_smile: Slight physics change caused this stair issue. It’s fixed and will be out the next time we do a release.


This pleases the block-man with no legs.
(But really though, thanks for the heads up)

It just figures I’m building a lot of things with stairs lately. :laughing: