Mount / pet armor

I know that there is a long time since taming and breeding is going to happen but its something i would love to see.

So basically mounts have been discussed to be able to function as packmules and i would like to expand on that, i think it would be cool if we could craft and customize pet armor so it had multiple slots, like head, chest, legs kinda like dragons prophet that would have both a visual and a stat impact.

so to not make make it boring, lets say i tame the mohawk pig and can use it as a mount, i could then make armor pieces for it and equip it on it, so like a chain mail to make it able to take more hits (if you allow it to fight in combat) and bags if i want more of a pack mule kind of thing.

What do the rest of you think of this idea? its not something im dying for but it could be pretty interesting in my opinion.

it’s something I’m dying for :smiley: I love mounted battles.