Mounts no longer on Trello. Did it not make the cut?

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I can understand why they would decide not to include this, but I’ll admit I am a bit sad to no longer see a mount trello card. I’m still kinda hoping that it is planned, just deemed to be a very long-term goal since there is still much to add post-launch, or that it will be lumped in with “farming”, since animal husbandry would fall under farming in a sense. Can anyone confirm/deny mounts being abandoned?

Don’t know. When Titans get put into the game and airships are a thing, I much rather have an airship than a mount.

I guess it also depends on what sort of mounts there would be other than maybe wildstock mounts or roadrunner mounts.

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Can’t remember mounts to be on Trello in the first place.

I hope we won’t get mounts, at least not flying ones … they make traveling boring in each game they apear :confused: … Airships would be cool but should need mats and may be also a crew for full functionality.

I’m with you on the flying ones. Forgot about Airships tho, I think that might be more appropriate for this game

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