Movable Machines!

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a suggestion on making movable machines that you can activate with a source. (such as a chest with fuel, running water, etc.
The Source suggestions
+Water wheels are a fuel source that are activated by running water. it can be used for pure decoration or to build up spark and power other machines.
+Stone Converters. You add stone to their input and they convert it to spark and power other machines.

  • Gem converters. They work more efficient than stone converters but when they burn out, they use up all the spark in the system. You also power them with gems and are harder to maintain.
    +Chrysoconverter. They convert any item to a low amount of spark. Basically a chrysominter but with spark.
    +Teleporters. teleports an item (put in it) to another teleporter of the same gleam color. (dont use past exo gleam!) If there is a machine below it (fueler or action) It will automatically teleport it to the machine!
    +Massive Converters require a full stack (100 of an item) to work. it can use any item. Certain (Random) colors make it faster, produce more spark, but may also have a chance to overload the system. Massive converters produce a massive (as forementioned) amount of spark (1000 or more). Each item in a massive converter produces an equal amount of spark. its just color that affects it.
    +Chest and wire. It works like a spark converter. only being able to make certain objects turn into spark. But it is much cheaper. Sadly it has a lower spark output as well. Wires are to connect machines like the spark connector
    Movable options
    +Wheel. i know it sounds basic but it can trigger many machines to work. it can get activated and rotate a block around it. it could also roll a fuel source to its place as well as being able to be further crafted into rolling vehicles.
    +Piston. Can also be crafted into a rolling vehicle. It can also be used to move blocks. You can put goo kernels to make it a Sticky Piston. (notice that i said kernels. Not goo pigment). When you place it so it affects vertically, you don’t need a sticky piston because the blocks will be affected by gravity. (no more pesky floating islands!) it cannot be placed in unplotted land or any block next to a plotted edge. If it also is in the air and has no adjacent blocks, besides wires or spark connectors. it will be randomly activated.
    +Switch. used to activate movables.
    +Gas refuel. Fill it with gas and supply it with spark to be able to refuel vehicles!
    +switcher. Like a switch but it can serve multiple purposes. It can also control spark flow so people dont waste spark on useless machines they aren’t using, It can also control gas usage for the Gas Refuel. Very useful for refueling control.
    +Gas creator. Makes gas from either these two recipes: metamorphic rock and peaty soil, or petrolim and purified water. The petrolim recipe yields 1500 gas. The metamorphic and peat recipe yields 800.
    +The roadrunnermobile. can be renamed. used for getting where ya want to fast. GUPM (gas usage per minute) 100. Requires a constant supply of gas. Runs for a short amount of time before burning out. Deals no ram damage. Very light to tow. Looks like an average racecar
    +The hopper. can be renamed. Doesn’t use very much gas but is quite slow.GUPM: 10 It looks like a pickup truck with a mounted slingbow. The slingbow can be operated. Deals a high amount of ram damage. Very hard to tow
    +Wildstock Elite. can be renamed. A stylish yet practical car that is easy to craft, has great mileage.and is for casual situations. GUPM:20. Looks like a regular sedan.Average to tow
    Deals a low amount of ram damage.
    +Spitterr bus. A long bus with 25 seats. used for transportation. During hunts it can be used to get to the next meteor.The driver can press the horn to shoot. GUPM: 50. Deals a high amount of ram damage.Very hard to tow. The only car with a solid floor (and walls).
    +Cuttletow truck. A rescue truck that will mount light cars atop it. It will hook-heavy cars on the back of it. The heavier cars will make the tow truck slower. Uses no GUPM because it runs on its own wheels. It is very slow and impractical for traveling. It also can only tow cars if they are out of gas (to prevent trolling)
    +Garage. for creating custom cars. uses pieces from all the other cars. You can name and mass produce those cars.
    +Car Plinths. Assemble these plinths then put cars on top of them. It’ll spin the car around. Then the person can buy the car. For the long cars (like the spitterr bus) you can assemble it even longer.
    I hope you liked my idea on improving workshops and being able to create cars!

barely bumps a curb


splashes into a lake of lava


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dont, just dont

i think you should suggest it in other game, seriously

I like this idea… would love to have a working water wheel that also has function. Would add a lot more needed depth to the game. I’ll always support content ideas. Nice idea :+1:

This would kind-of ruin the point of any other spark generation methods, as one person would have a fleet of water wheels bog down the server, while getting basically infinite energy for zero extra effort.