Msgpack format

I see that the msgpack format used by the game includes a property name lookup table (payloads structured as [data, propertyNameMap]). Is this a custom tweak by you folk? or is there some extension to the msgpack spec that I haven’t found yet that you’re relying on?


It is just standard msgpack, but in-game we have an interface on top that deals with the dictionary. Any “map” in the msgpack data always has uint key, with the uint being an index into that flat array of dictionary names.


:+1: thanks! And no (map) values are ever translated?

what do you mean by translated?

Using the id <-> name mapping for any values in maps, in addition to keys (I’m assuming you don’t, but just want to confirm)

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map key is always a uint that indexes into that dictionary, and all other uint anywhere else is just an “actual” uint. It is still a dumb data format.