Mulching A Planet: A long term project/experiment w/poll

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Since boundless released, I have had many designs and ideas that cannot be accomplished in public worlds. Now that sovs are here I have decided to run an experiment. Instead of spending a lot of time mining a lot of different planets, I am going to plot sections and try to mine everything on a single planet down to the mantle.

I have a few goals here:

  • See a planet completely mulched down
  • To see how bad the plots used to plots gained would be
  • Keep track of the total resources/blocks mined

My question for the community is if I should use my current t6 after I let it regen, or if I should start it up as a fresh t6 and see how far I can get it? I’ll be starting next weekend and I’ll go with whatever is top voted.

  • Start on a fresh planet
  • Use current planet

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This would be terrible xD
I’m predicting tens to one.


We’ll find out, I’m trying to determine if I just want to sell everything flat out or process it then sell it to keep myself in tools.

It would be great if you rec’d a fair amount of XP/plots. I’d imagine you’ll be munching through too much rock/sand/liquid to have enough gains though…hopefully I’m wrong. This will be on a T6?

I’d love to see the land cleared down to one plot for an XS moon planet…it would take too many plots to save the cleared out ones though (a total PITA lol)


Someone help figure out the best biomes to avoid water/lava. Are you interested in making a planet with mostly low altitude regions to minimize the mining? Does it have to be T6? Are you welcoming community contributions (more like deletions) too?

A plot is 512 blocks so I feel like a plot can only give 512 * multiplier exp. My rate of exp per plot is 20,000 so the multiplier has to be 400.

192x2x192x2 = 147456 plots
for a 34 region small world with 192x192 chunk (1 chunk = 4 plots or 2 plots wide)
if the plot layer is only 1 plot high. In practice it will have more plots per column.

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I’ve got 30k plots to get me started and I won’t start on the water areas. I got the feeling its going to fail pretty hard, but it would be awesome to see the planet reduced to nothing.


Its going to be a t6 and I’m going to try to do it solo to see how far I need. Depending on how far I can process everything I may get close to hitting even, but I don’t think it would be anywhere near viable without the plot bonuses.

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Are you also plotting the “single” leaf blocks and “floating” flowers?
the mostly air plots
Would like to see some progress shots as you go on :wink:.


You should start around the middle of the world to make it look like a half eaten apple :joy:


Cannot wait to see this

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Takes 140,625 plots to do a single layer around a 3km world, if my math is right

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I voted to start on a fresh planet but if I may suggest, i’d say make it a low level small one so it’s easier to destroy (than T6 harder blocks) and smaller so it requires less overall plots. Good luck xD


I had a similar idea (one that I’d never be able to follow through on lol) but instead of the whole planet, leave a one or two plot thick hollow outer ring, similar to a Halo ring, around the mantle but nothing but empty space between the two.

The pic below would explain it better. The explosion here would represent the mantle…

But like I said, I’d never be able to follow this through. It’s just a fun thought/idea.

I wish you luck and good fun, Peyago. You’re a braver Oortian than I am lol.


That’s an amazing idea! Like a halo world except gravity would be normal. Although if you go for a halo type world you would have to build every single tree and bush upside down. Unless you just planted berrys and goo everywhere…


As someone who has spent 90% of their plot usage underground after clearing out said areas, this isn’t going to work as nicely as you might hope. Even if you process every single rock, you’ll still end up very short plotwise, not to mention tool usage becomes quite a beast. This task would take well over a year for one person and it would be your life. That said, good luck! :upside_down_face:


It would take me a lot more than a year. I’ve done large clears, but even when I fall short on this project I should have quite a few more plots.

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i like the idea to clear a complete world :joy:

but why you want a t6 world for it ?

i think its hard enough to get all the plots and all the tools with aoe… but that all with t6 tools ?

the will raise the cost sure for minimum 33%

but short calc for plots

3000m means you need 375plots for 1 row

1 layer => 375x375 = 140.625 plots
like @DKPuncherello it say

altitude of a world is ~65 (as example i use here imoco) for ground and ~140 for a hill

let us say you have mostly flat world with a middle altitude from 80 for easy calc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that means 140.625 plots per layer x 10 layer = 1.406.250 plots in total XD

30k plots means you have ~2% off the plots you need :joy:

would bombs work better?

I’m painfully aware of how many plots it will actually require to turn a world into nothing, and the 30k+ I have on my main will hopefully get me at least started. I don’t have anything else to do with my plots at the moment, so it’s really a nonissue if I am not breaking even. Surprisingly, I don’t think I will run out of money or plots unless a lot of things in the game change to allow me to start on my other projects. I just need a level from every 31 plots, which I don’t think is going to be that difficult. I’ll know pretty quickly though.

I don’t really get a lot of time to play, but if this keeps me busy until the rest of the colors I want to play with getting unlocked or Wonderstruck expands the spray system, I will consider it time well spent.

@Solgato Bombs don’t provide any XP for breaking up blocks. It makes them worthless for this project, unfortunately.


You’re not tempted to try this experiment on creative…?