Multi Seat Mounts

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So hey guys! :slight_smile:

I was playing this Online game the other day, and i noticed something…
My friend had just started it, and was pretty far from the map i was on.
I had to hop on my mount and rode of to reach him, problem was, there is only on seat, so we walked the whole way back.
Now…i know there is gonna be portals and that stuff in this game, but i reckon each world will also be pretty huge. And i don’t see myself using portals all the time if there is thingy to explore, now walking is fine, but what if you have to reach distanced? for example, collect a friend?
What i suggest is a way to make a saddle capable of having two players on a mount.
That way it would be helpful to do many useful things in-game, either it is to help out friends, and trading or whatnot.
Tell me what you think and if there is already something like this, please redirect me! :smiley:
Just thout it would be cool to implement something like a two player mount or a saddle capable of two players.


First of all there mounts!?!? Second thats a nice sugestion

Mounts are a cool idea but they will not be in Boundless 1.0. Something that is in the mix for post 1.0 updates.


Interesting. That’s probably the first thing I’ve heard confired as being post 1.0 planned feature.


Farming was also kinda confirmend as a post 1.0 feature ^^


Yes - Farming is also a post 1.0 feature.

For 1.0 we’ve tried to focus on genuinely original features or twists on features that can differentiate Boundless from other similar games. There is little point in simply replicating features from other games. When it came to Farming we didn’t think we could give it enough attention to be original or unique in the time before 1.0. So instead of doing something lame (then what is the purpose of it?) we decided to simply leave it until after 1.0, then we can focus a release around Farming.

I should also add, if something is Post 1.0 content then it really means it’s “not in 1.0”. It’s a candidate for Post 1.0 content. But it’ll depend on how the game progresses, what players call for, and what we think will make the game more interesting.


Farming and Mounts are Post 1.0.


Are you going to implement those “post 1.0” features as paid DLCs or free updates?
Or, since this is probably not decided yet, which of those two is more likely?

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We don’t have plans for the Post 1.0 features at the moment. We’re 100% focused on Pre 1.0 features!!

I have my own personal ideas and preferences, but it really seems silly to share these at the moment as these will likely evolve as the game continues to evolve.

That said, between Farming and Mounts, my personal preference would be Farming.


That’s right, I remember the discussion on farming now. That’s a smart choice on the Dev’s behalf to Do it as a focused update rather than shallow clone of other voxel games.

I do hope we get farming as a 1.1 update. It will be kinda like watching civilization advance from hunter-gatherers to an agricultural civilization. It’s almost like we’re replicating humanities development. Well, if humanity was plagued by giant alien Titan ships in its early years…

Wait a sec…


Is there list of pre 1.0 features then ? XD

The “which of those two is more likely” was regarding paid DLC vs. free Update, not mounts vs. farming :sweat_smile:
Sorry if I made that unclear.
But thanks for the info & reply anyway.

It was just an idea. Like what if the saddle or armor on the monuts could be modified. Like you could have two slots on a saddle. Where you could either have a chest/backpack/sidebag and another set that would allow for one or more player to come along the ride. That would be so nice. That would bring a whole lot of possibilities to the game :blush:


Dual mounts is definitely a cool idea - and (for me) an interesting twist that focuses the game on shared play.