Multiple Accounts, how?

I’m interested in knowing how to get 2 boundless accounts running at the same time. I assume its not just buy another steam account + boundless account?

I want to do this so I can film time-lapses in 3rd person. Set up my second account up high looking down, press record, then build on my main account?

I know there are quite a few people who have multiple accounts, but not sure if they are running on the same PC/Console or not.

Thanks in advance for any information :slight_smile:


I have 2, just PC and PS4. Though, I generally use PS4, so I can be lazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Either a Virtual Machine running on the same pc, or sandboxing (sandboxie-plus). but if you want to record… a 2nd pc may perform better unless spare capacity to both run extra boundless + record lossless.


i run muultiple accounts

what you can do is use Geforce Now
you sign up and u can either pick free account that lasts 1-hour session or signup for a premium that will give you more hours of session playtime (6 hours+)

then once you signed up and such you can play boundless on your phone, or just plainly using your internet browser! It’s cloud gaming so no need for a fancy graphics card of any kind.

you do need a new steam account, and own a copy of boundless on that steam account
which I can give you free if needed.

so steps:

  • create Nvidia (GeForce) account and signup for any of their services
  • make a new steam account and redeem a boundless copy on that steam account
  • log in to GeForce now on any browser, your phone or even your cat and pick boundless as a game.
  • log in to your new steam account on Geforce now.

done, you can now run multiple accounts


Sandboxie. You can run a second instance of Steam with this software, but you would still need a different account with Boundless on it.


Awesome, thanks for the info everyone :+1: Will post in here, if I run into any problems doing this!


Just follow @Huntsman and that advice :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to this!


Thanks :fist_right::fist_left: Thinking of starting a fresh character, make a youtube series of it. Its about time i started from the beginning again


Sandboxie with two steam accounts and two copies of boundless is what I use but…… if you dnt have a better built computer running two games and recording might bog you down let us know enjoy. Also sandboxie is really easy to set up and get started.


you need to use sandboxie

alternative is using gforce now, but you have to pay for that.

Or they use Shadow Tech You can play it on your cell phone, tablet, TV or PC, I also play on the TV myself


I never heard of shadow tech I checked it out , it’s way worse than GeForce now though bro u pay (minimum 30 euros a month) with resources that can just about run Boundless lol unless you upgrade which costs even more, so either way sandbox which is free is the best solution or if you do want to on the cloud play then GeForce now is your best way to go.

Ps for 20 euro a month you can get on GeForce now

RTX 3080 RIG
Gaming session hour of 8 hrs (after those 8 hours you just restart the game)
4K gaming support
120 FPS

I’ve used sandboxie + additional steam/Boundless account. Works great.

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Fact it is great I use sandboxie too, but if you don’t have enough resource as for ram and such then geforce now is your way to go

Yeah I know some people are using shadow for boundless, but none of the ones I’ve spoken to had subscribed to that service specifically to multi-box.

Lots of happy sandboxie users though.