Multiple Mass Crafting Runs

The ability to queue a large number of mass crafts all at once without needing to click up to 30 times per machine is something I’ve seen requested for a while. This is what I envision it would look like:

Anybody have something different in mind? What are your thoughts on enabling mass… mass crafting?


Yes I want a UI that generates when you select a machine. An option appears to view single machine or all machines within beacon. Allowing you to queue 1 machine or all machines simultaneously. There would be options for different type.of crafts including single, multiple or mass craft (including max mass craft).

So if you have 1 machine or 100 machines in a beacon you can see them in the UI.

  • Connect machines and storage together with something similar to spark link.
  • Add a new interface that allows you to view all items in connected storage, along with all items that could potentially be crafted by connected machines.
  • If an item which you do not possess is selected, it shows the required resources and crafting time and adds all sub crafts to a queue automatically.

If you played modded Minecraft, Applied Energistics did this very well.

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Allow to connect up to a number, say 8, machines together. connected machines have to be of same type and have to have the same number of coils. Connecting multiple machines allows you to add multiple recipes to be crafted simultaneous and expands the crafting quene say up to 240 or 256, maybe double the output quene.

No connected storage imho no subrecipes.

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I’d like to see something similar to billboards in Little Big Workshop.

Essentially a controller for machines. Connect multiple of the same machine to the controller and it will spread the jobs evenly. Including single click multiple crafts, and a craft max.

I would also like to see connectable storage, both to feed and receive items from machines. This way crafting chains could be achieved.

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I would like this.
Would work the same way as example spark genetor does.

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