Multiple Skill-Trees... I don't get it, need help!


I’ve recently got the option to have a second skill tree on my character because I thought it’s neat to have 2 different skill set without having to level up another character. But apparently that’s not how it works?!

So, as an example from the olden days when I played WoW two skill trees meant:
I spend all my skill points in one tree as I like. Then I activate the second tree and all skill points are reset and I can spend all this points there as well. And then I can swap back whenever needed as long as it’s… what was it? 30min? time inbetween.

Here I bought a second skill tree, but I don’t get to spend the same amount of points in the second tree. I basically have 60 skill points so far and I have to split these 60 skill points in both skill trees.

Whilst in fact I should have 60 skill points for tree 2 and of course another 60 skill points for tree 2.

Am I the only one who feels cheated or did I oversee one important detail? Otherwise it would make more sense to just level up a second character? I feel like an idiot now for wasting cubits on this.

Any insight in this would be highly appreciated!


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You are right, you do need to earn skill points instead of reusing them.
The explanation for it was essentially that the benefits of having another skill tree on the same character outweighs the setback of re-earning skillpoints again.

In my opinion it is much easier to have multiple characters and level up, you gain skillpoints more quickly. I can’t really see the appeal.
It would be interesting to see what people think though:

  • I prefer different characters
  • I prefer different skillsets
  • I like/use both
  • Only the one character/skillset for me!

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The point is, I don’t wanna level up two characters. I don’t have the time for this (nor the patience… you know… real life and stuff…). :wink:

And again, if the second skill tree is not working as I described, I really don’t understand the benefit of it. Unless I get past lvl 50 (assuming every level gets 2 skill points), spent all my 100 skill points and only with level 51 I will then be able to use the second skill tree. Again, by then… I don’t want the second skill set anymore. By then I already leveled either a second character or got someone else to help me out or spent all my coins I earned on things I couldn’t get (which is probably in the interest of the game to make money out of micro transactions…).

Nevertheless, still annoyed having spent cubits on a feature that is essentially useless? I really don’t get that feature. (I want my cubits back… mimimimimimi :slight_smile: )

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PS: that’s me assuming it goes further than lvl 50 and doesn’t stop there.

It does not. You can have up to 300 skill points on a single character (to fill all 3 your skill sets)

EDIT: 300

I do not think this is correct. I am pretty sure you get 2 skill points for every level past 50. I have never read anything from the developers that will limit the skills a character can earn. You can only use 100 per skill set currently. That is the only limit that I am aware of.

This would mean you have to level to level 150 in order to have 100 skill points per skill tree if you have 3 of them. The reason given to do it this way was to make alts and skill sets more equal. If you have to level for the alts to get skills then you have to level your character to have skill points for your skill sets.

But leveling for your skill set is much more difficult than just leveling up alts.

Once you are lvl 50 and spent your 100 points, you will require A LOT OF xp to get the next two skill points for skill tree number 2.

Whilst I simply could just level up a character and get roughly 10 skill points within an hour.

I still don’t get it. :smiley:

It’s only worth getting after level 50 as you now keep getting skill points.

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I will agree that I think it is harder to level after 50 than an alt. I am just relaying what I know. But in all fairness how would you recommend the developers balance this? If you can use your skill points twice (or three times)then you do make alts kind of useless and there are players that do like alts. I do not have a good recommendation myself.

The question is (and I am not in favour of this in any way) - does it need balancing? Both (lvl an alt or 2nd skill tree) achieve the same, someone getting a more diverse experience - in a way they prefer. The advantage of an alt is you get a second look if you want. If you’re into role-playing you get a different character to slip in… would it need balancing? It’s in the end something to do with what one prefers… and IMHO nothing that needs “balancing” as such - if that makes any sense (though I do agree if others think otherwise, it’s a difficult thing to consider).

But as @GreyArt247 mentioned, it would only make sense after level 50 but I wished it would have been communicated somehow BEFORE one spends the cubits. Like a warning popup or something (I did not know it continues after level 50, for example).

It’s all… just very… unfortunate… (am slightly annoyed… still).

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I really do understand why you are annoyed and I would agree that the system could be communicated better. I was asked and recommended a change in the language to avoid the disappointment you are feeling.


Actually having an alt instead of second skill set has different set of benefits.

Alt can be in home doing the crafting, and whilst you are far far away from home soloing meteors, or gathering stuff, or mining, you just need 10 sec, to switch to alt, who can at home queue more stuff to be produced, or restock shops, request baskets etc.

While having two skill sets you can be an invincible tank just roaming the surface of dangerous planet looking for good place to mine, and when you find it, you can transform on a whim to miner who’s just most efficient at one thing: mining.

But if you got skill points per every skill set when you level, then it would be a tad too easy and unfair compared to alts how have to level. I don’t think it all is perfectly balanced, but it’s better this way, than a skill points for every skill set per level.


Yeah, I also get totally confused on how it works, and not having it explained in shop isn’t helping. I’d probably refund it for some cubits :smiley:

I prefer 2nd char, my pc and network can handle having two instances of game running at the same time (used this before for making videos), so having 2 chars is definitely better. (though I have 2 accounts, maybe you can’t do that with chars) :smiley:


I see the extra skill sets as a long term objective. At the moment I have my main which is gradually being speced for exploring/mining and I have recently created an alt which will be for crafting. If and when any of them reach level 50 then I’ll get the extra skill set which will allow them to specialise in more than one ‘trade’, the extra skill set would be used to compliment the main skill.


yeah, that’s my direction too :slight_smile: I don’t think it’s a bad thing, especially that some players really don’t want to have alt chars/accounts, just needs to be a bit more clear.

Maybe there is a chance in overall balance to make 2nd skill set 75% skill point cost of the first one, for 1st skill set you need 100 SP, so for 2nd you’d have to reach level 100 to earn another 100 SP for 2nd skill set, maybe make that 75% or give 3 SP after level 50. As it is now it seems very penalizing to me (I might be wrong :wink: )

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Early skillsets are good for crafting-centered characters since they generally just need 22-23 points per specialization, the big exception being centraforge crafter. (and small exception for whichever spec you let have the decoration and machine crafting skills)

I’ve split up the crafting on 2 characters with 3 skill sets each just to cover all 5 standard crafting specs and centraforge. On other characters I wont bother with skill sets until they are closer to lvl100.


Don’t forget that in the old live we didn’t get any extra skill points after level 50 but now we do so I guess it was a case of the Devs having to decide do they just let characters keep adding points to just one skill set until eventually you can run out of skills to spend them on (some epics you can only choose one) or the alternative which they come up with, which makes sense to me, is being able to have more than one skill set on one character. To me it seems to be the best of both …I haven’t read it lately but maybe it’s just a case of them rewording it when you go to buy the extra skill set that you still have to earn the extra skill points to fill it up just as you would with your first skill set. I get the impression that it’s mostly confusion about how a skill set is used and a lot of people assume you can just swap your existing points into different skills at the push of a button and back again when it suits you. … that would definitely be too over powered and everyone would get the extra skill set the first opportunity they could, 600 cubits to effectively double your skill points.


hahaha yeah true :slight_smile: For myself I thought you get objectives reset and you earn xp from the start, something like alt char, probably everyone has its own ideas on what you get.
I think it would be better if you could just keep adding to 1st skill set, you’re limited to spending 100 SP on one skill set (if I understood correctly)

edit: don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that we even have something in that direction, maybe it will get better, more balanced over time, but we have a good start


I think the whole thing be it Skill set or Alt seems completely nonsensical, the end result of either is to allow a player to do everything single handed if they want to. So why not just let players keep levelling and earning skill points on one character until they can do it all. I just cant understand how simultaneously levelling two characters is better for the game when at the end of the day the only difference is a the few seconds it take to change between them.

My understanding was that we only ever get 2 skill points each time we level up so with just one skill set you obviously spend them on that skill set but when you buy another skill set (before level 50) you now have 2 skill sets to fill (upto 100 points each) but still only have 2 points each time you level up, which means you have to dived the points between them.
It’s much quicker to level 2 characters to level 15 than to level 2 skill sets to level 15.

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