Munteen shop plot issues AND Road

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today in my munteen shop at 1.41N -1.94 NE position OLD Camera pos, is -1938, 93m -1639, iu notice i was trying claim rest of my land but it was few addon claim was taking by road owner shadora took 3 claim blocks was need for my claim. can someone message him/her thank


@Shadora can you help me please


not good :frowning:


looks like the last time they were on was may 4th. they are probably still watching star wars.


andy sim did ya try the discord to track down shadora
they dont need to play to show online there


i tried on discord no luck yet


getting no response from @Shadora


how i report this


You can’t really. Unfortunately they are perfectly entitled to claim wherever they like, all you can do is hope that you can reach them and negotiate something.


How was someone able to claim your plots?


I think he means 3 plots that he wanted to claim, but hadn’t yet


this is him on discord Shadora#9489
But sofar i had no luck with talking to him either xD


yes want to claim those blocks could be mine but i cant due owner of the road took the spot i wanted to claim


here the line i cant claim


i claim one last one
but not 3 block showed arrow


Andy a trick i use sometimes is putting a sign on your shop with his name in big and explanation hes gonna see it anyway if he comes to fuel put it close to the side he owns


lol now require power to make sign :frowning:


no coin either


i try to add claim on top their claim it wont let me
only way i can do it extend one above a level to claim


i even cant do that