Munteen Transfer shop owners association

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Hey there everybody!

If you’ve been involved in some of the random chat circles (usually next to Gunt’s store at the “door to the floor”), or you have a store on the transfer hub, or you are thinking of opening one…

I have a little proposition that I’d like to run through with you guys. Before putting the whole thing out there, off like to use this thread to check who’s online, who isn’t, who might be interested in a little shopping project (no building or relocation involved dont worry!)

So if you fit into this group or you are just a munteen transfer fan-oort, let me know. If i run into you guys in the meantime we can start a small discussion… waiting to hear from you all!

Edit: *or you’re the owner of Hash village

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meeting without me :frowning: buhuu :frowning: im sad


hahaha revolution yay :grin:

Hello world

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Hello, friends I am new to this,
just for the curiosity, I want to know what games are you playing?