My big plan


step one

find epic aquatopian with unused 4Kplot mall

step two

help out the Sasquatch village and get big load off pure white signs from exoworld

step three

do a shout out on forum you looking for alot colored signs

step four

build a room the size off a small market

step five

go insane trying to make the map

step six

rebuild it 20 times before last 5 final designs


Jeez, looks like you built so hard that you died along the way - look at that death penalty :skull:


he forgot to eat…


I was drinking some soup once and just before it gave me the health I DIED from hunger! :frowning:


maybe we could use a new epic skill: fast eater :stuck_out_tongue:


or in my case in that situation - less stupid.


ow thats normal for me i always forget to eatz


been working on a color system for the shops
so people can fast scan where the shop is they need
inside the entire mall at once

in these screenshots you see example off a road that has alot off gardners on it and a decorator

this also help people make good shop position choice

also in the inner tekst menu we can add aditional profesion our word from the owner

gonna also rent out advertising signs for a symbolic fee in the map room :nerd_face:

ps all shops are fictional lol

also the mall is closed until we feel like opening
but if ya take the embassy hub link to the ultima world hub you can have peep at the construction zone :nerd_face:


“Gleamlord” is probably my favorite part of that. :laughing:


yeah was going for types off shops
but thought it would be cooler to give people cool names instead
if ya got better then what i got now as professions def let me knowzz people
keeping the gleamlord lol


(cracks knuckles) oh I’m on this. Just give me some time once I’m off work.
Renamed all duties in my FFXIV guild to have a Mog theme. I totes got this. :sunglasses:

(Still agreed gleamlord is best name and nothing will top that!)


As usual insane plans Moebs.

Like how you give yourself a pat on the back with “grts moebius” lol.


typical moebs project <3


Hunter: I’ve always liked the word jager (missing the little sideways : over the a, because my tablet is stupid), or jaeger. Which means hunter. It just sounds so badass. Could also try jagermeister which means master hunter.
Fun fact: nimrod means Skilled Hunter. Takes that insult and turns it into a compliment!

Brewmaster: Pandaren. (That’s a joke, please don’t use that!) Only other suitable name I could find is Brewster, which has English and Scottish ties.
Other words, while cool, wouldn’t be easily identified for the profession.

Weaponsmith: I went with a broader term for the merchandise, rather than profession. Arsenal, Artillery, Armory/Armoury, Armaments, Munitions. (A lot of A-words!)

Restaurant: Cuisine is a nice word. Foodstuffs, Edibles and Vittles are just fun to say. Noms is fun too, but tends to make me think of another store. :wink:

Gardner: Florist, Botonist. Floriculturist. Horticulturist. Cultivation. Groundskeeping.

Decorator: Home Enhancement. Furnishings. Adornments. Renovation.

The rest were either fine or I had no luck. Also my brain is fizzling out. :sweat_smile:

Just some ideas but maybe it’ll spark something!


I hope the new map drawing helps you by creating the in-game map.


hmmm :thinking: @james can we get stickers hahaha