My boundless experience switching from Comcast to AT&T fiber (local version of fios)

Before and after, respectively. My “overall” ping only went down by 10. Wired connection ps4. Upload speed is way better but either should be overkill for boundless anyway. However:

On Tana (at my mall) my “ping” went from 125 to 75
On Eresho (at my tree) my “ping” went from 175 to 125

I’ve only had it since earlier today but so far the “primetime EU server lag” issue seems to be gone altogether. I do still get a “lag spike” (increased “boundless ping”) for a second after traversing a world portal.

I still have both providers for another day or two; if someone wants to tell me the right/most useful way to pull a trace route from my laptop to the Boundless servers for each connection I’m happy to pull this and post it in the hopes that it will help the devs.

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I get that too! Go to the server that you are nearest to for help with the “Lag spike”

If you Play actually from EU then 125 for Eresho is way to high. My normal ping on a EUC world is between 45 and 60?

He’s in Illinois. As am I but I’m on MetroNet and want to say mine usually is about 80-115


So you’re saying it had nothing to do with Boundless after all? Who knew!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It must be nice having less then 300 ping on an EU server… :frowning:

Well i get unplayble on aussie Servers, USW can be tricky at times and USE is around 100.

I must be a lucky one. I’m in UK and very rarely get pings on AUS servers above 80. EU and US Sub 60 99% of the time.

Not sure if 500mb fibre is helping there though :grinning:

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holy [insert swear word here] DK… i remember you raging like 2 years ago about this… been putting up with the lag spikes for that long? Good to hear its finally smoother

Nah I just moved to a US planet.

I still don’t understand why WS doesn’t attempt to move their servers. But anyway.

Move their servers where to exactly?

What if they indeed moved their servers to another server farm, what if that server farm has a great connection to Comcast but a bad one to AT&T, then what?


Dns settings cough cough, dns caching cough cough! Arp table gateway routes!

Well since getting better results from new service should see more productivity game play then?

Lets hope if 5g ever gets to the normal market we see better results.
Or if Boundless Servers are still running then, 6G :slight_smile: