My boundless review after many hours of gameplay

Ooohhh yeah, I couldn’t imagine working a shift like that (major props to you on that, really admire nurses for all they do!), I need my naps as well! Though some are too long to be called “naps” I think, haha - I find myself lately collapsing soon after getting home, then waking up around midnight! It does feel like I’ve aged about 10-15 years in the last six months, never really felt my age before this year. :frowning:

I actually remember what was at least among the first games I messed with - Star Strike on the Intellivision. Couldn’t have been more than 3 or so based on when my family said they had it hooked up. I was able to ID the game later from my memory of it. Though I really got into it with the SMS and NES - Phantasy Star in particular really captured my imagination as a kid, even now it is worth playing! :grin::+1:


I am 23, to me you are old DK lol


I can make that scenario even worse! Playing a graphics text adventure game (graphics on screen, still images but with text commands) and knowing what to do but not having a clue how you actually would need to say that in a language that is not your native language (English)!!

There was a game where I needed to move some curtains out of the way and I just could not come up with the correct commands to open them for a few days in a row. Then I came across it in some English book I had to read for school and finally knew what to type:
draw curtain!

I had tried ‘open curtain’, synonyms of curtain (using a darn paper dictionary!), etc. nothing worked.

Sigh, still felt great that it finally worked tho, haha!