My character cant stop using right hand item :(

The only idea I can come up with now is maybe your mouse drivers need an update or a rollback

sorry but i feel like ppl not reading the issue…
i made clear, checked and proved that it cant be a problem with the mouse nor the driver, since i can use both mouse buttons regular in the inventory, other programms, or for the other hand.

Now something happend, i had a few disconnects from server (Error 27 or something)
After i reconnected the issue is gone! =)

If some developer or admin did something: thank you very much, i hope you found the problem and can maybe fix the relating bug (if it was a bug)

Finally i can play fine again^^


Awesome! :slight_smile: :+1:

Granted everything else acts as normal but the driver could be only screwing up with boundless
Edit* didn’t read further to realize this was solved. Epic exploring!

I am having the exact same bug. my character will not stop using the right hand item no matter what I do.

I ran a admin level cmd “dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” and it seemed to resolve the issue.

Now I’m having the same issue. Though my problem continues to happen when I unplug the mouse and keyboard, I don’t think it’s an equipment issue. I’ve done everything you did and still have the same problem. Maybe the illusive person who fixed your problem will save me? Hehe.

I’ve seen this happen to people who have a game controller connected to their computer that they forgot about and have a trigger held down. Check all USB ports and make sure there aren’t any controllers connected via Bluetooth.
You should also try restarting your computer.

Ah, didn’t think about that one. Well, it could have been it. But I’m reinstalling now so hopefully it won’t matter and it will be fixed. Thanks. I will remember that.

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Welcome to our growing family!!! :grin::grin::grin:

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Prebiously it was a known bug that had yo do with the game not registering properly the mouse click wheb you exit inventory or some menu. I havent had that issue however since september at least’ so idk if its still around for some folks or you are experiencing somr new bug thats familiar.

What was the outcome of this?

controller holding down trigger was the culprit if i remember correctly from the discord conversation.