My concern with natural lighting

I suppose if you dont know of my dome, then you can find it by the coords, but it is extremely large.
a few issues i have noticed due to the size of my dome.

  1. The game treats the dark areas of my dome as a cave. It starts with the echo-y dripping sound and it is EXTREMELY dark, even though there are some obvious natural lighting areas.

  2. It seems that the lighting doesnt take the open sides into consideration when lighting the scene. It somewhat doesnt matter as the walls need to be put up in my case, but im wondering how much worse that is going to make the darkness…

  3. currently the overhead shadows do NOT take the suns position into effect at all…
    maybe it is my graphics setttings, but I dont think so

I am sure there are more concerns with lighting to be had and im sure you all are headed towards a complete lighting overhaul at some point, I just wanted to bring these topics to <light?> ouch. That just feels wrong.