My controller locked up twice this morning (PS4)


I’m going to have to tweak the logging slightly to try and work out why it’s disconnecting, I’ll get something in for the next game update and then we can take another look at the logs to see if it tells me exactly what’s happening


I’ve posted another log after a disconnect.


The release we pushed out yesterday should have a bit more logging in so if you get another disconnect can you post another log and I’ll take a look at that one.


Just submitted another log after a disconnect (which resulted in drowning!)


One more disconnect logged!

Starting to think it’s just me as no-one else seems to be reporting :thinking:


I took at look at the updated logging and from what I can tell your controller is simply getting disconnected for some reason out of our control.
We basically query the controller every frame and one of the properties it returns is whether or not the controller is connected. In your case it starts saying it’s not connected at which point we’ll put up the disconnected screen etc. I wanted to check some extra logging because we also treat some error cases where the api calls fail as though they’re a disconnection. But in your case it seems to be a clean disconnection.

The only other thing I can think where Boundless could differ from other games is that there is an api call we can make to prevent the PS4 from going to sleep etc. It’s possible some other games use this to prevent the PS4 from going to suspend and maybe this in turn prevents the controller timing out.

If you haven’t already you could try disabling the auto power off of the controllers in your PS4’s settings, if you disable that then the controller should never switch off unless the batteries run out of power.


This has also happened to me. I am using a mouse and keyboard on my PS4, in case you needed to know that.


Just submitted another report due to controller disconnect. The auto power off is not enabled now, and in any case, I was actively using the controller when it disconnected.