My daughter and I started a Boundless Let's Play Youtube channel

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My kids are always itching to work on youtube videos. We’ve done youtube a few times over the years so we’re not total noobs at this, but we’re still getting our youtube legs under us again. We enjoy Boundless and feel it doesn’t get enough youtube exposure these days so we’re adding our own content to the mix.

I’m slowly repurposing a very old channel I had, so there’s currently a lot of unrelated content.

For this series, our goal was to start on a Tier 4, but given the difficulties with doing that with level one characters, we are actually starting on a tier 1 until we have copper tools and the protection needed to set out on a tier 4, which we will try to make our permanent home for these alts:

The first video of our let’s play.

Interestingly enough. I really enjoyed the stone xp for this start, and you can see the difference it would have made for characters trying to get enough copper to make tools.

We named the channel: Bound2Build


Good luck with the new series! Seems like you two are gonna have fun together!

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Thanks Quimby, hopefully we don’t regret stepping all the way up to tier 4, but we’ll see. We wanted some drama. Hopefully we can show off the game a bit along the way.

Hope my kids will play with me one day (when i have some lol). Good luck with the channel!

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That’s pretty cool. My son and I have been youtubing for 4+ years now. Great bonding experience.

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I watched one of your Satisfactory videos yesterday before we started. I’ve been doing videos with them off and on for about 2 years. They have their own channels but they don’t post often now that I require them to do their own editing and uploading. I only review, but the editing backlog was crazy at one point.

Editing is such a time sink, that’s why I do let’s plays. Between work and the family I barely have enough time to keep a recording schedule current.

Best of luck to your channel. I’ll need to finish watching the video when I get home.

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