My experience so far!

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Hello everyone.

Quick disclaimer! So I’ve owned this game for over a year now. Maybe even two years. My forum account is pretty new but I’ve been actively in game since the day’s of Oort. Everyone remembers those awful orange block character models right? Yeah so fair to say we’ve come a long way. A very long way indeed and I’m excited to be more active here as I have been in game.

I just wanted to give some thoughts on my current experience. I’ll probably be posting in suggestions thread a lot as I’m always going to be coming up with some ideas. I don’t want to bore you guys with walls of text so here’s a pro and con so far.


  1. Very immersible atmosphere/play environment.
  2. There’s enough content in regards to crafting to keep you busy for quite some time if you enjoy building!
  3. Dangerous encounters are actually dangerous which I like. It’s nice actually feeling like you’re not invincible.
  4. Music is absolutely beautiful!


  1. Probably the most important thing to me right now! HEADACHES. I get massive headaches when tackling to chop down trees. Please add tree physics and make it so they fall down after you cut them from the base.
  2. So this is probably nitpicking as I haven’t really gotten into any sort of farming, we cant plant trees?
  3. Crafting is good and complex as it should. But again with the headache thing, having so many types of machines to make stuff feels chaotic to me. Maybe it’s the jumping from window to window that gets me.
  4. Need more intuitive user interface!

Okay so these are my initial thoughts so far. Hope this helps and I’m sure I’ll have more to add later.



So I was a little butthurt that I couldn’t design my windows the way I wanted. So I’d like to suggest fixing what I’ve addressed in this screenshot.


Tree physics would be very interesting indeed!


Lester was NOT aweful !!! … :cry: :heart::lester:

but now on your points :wink: … on the pros: +1 for those ^^ … on the cons: …

Headache with trees: Japp, can understand that. DOn’t know if there will be a “teardown-engine” later when cutting a tree, but I think a falling physic will be hard to implement. But to have one would be great

Planting trees: There is no farming now and will not be in 1.0 … farming is planed for later after release and may be trees will be part of it.

crafting complexity: yes, there are many. I think we all need to get used to the system OR may be we get an interface-console (a block ingame) which is connected to all machines bound to it with pipes. So we could click on it and access all other windows through it :wink:

4: Interface development is still in the progress, but for now I think it does it’s job well. But for sure there could be some nice additions … time will tell :wink:


:lester: will be missed :cry:

And yeah trees are infuriating.


Lester should be an optional character model for everyone who bought an account before they replaced him :stuck_out_tongue:


the grapple hook solves alot of the troubles of blocks not falling and things when chopping down trees, i almost always have one equipped! as for the machines yes at first its a bit chaotic but after some hours of crafting alot of it makes sense. the hardest thing for me is special crafted blocks often need 3 or 4 of the machines to complete and figuring out that recipe can take some time. but i do enjoy the complexity of crafting tho some craft times and things need to be balanced. but thats what we are for to figure out what needs what for the devs.

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the grapple hook solves alot of the troubles of blocks not falling and things when chopping down trees, i almost always have one equipped!

I have not yet crafted one myself, but I did get one from a friend in my village. Messed around with it a bit, I feel they’re a bit wonky… perhaps like you said I just need to get used to it. Though at the same time I just find it kind of weird that something like a grabbing hook would be needed in a situation like that.

it does take a bit getting used to for sure. they truely are essential in boundless tho. from being able to scale mountains to getting yourself out of caves and holes they are life savers. traversing a cave without one can be quite hard. but at the same time if trees feel down when the base is severed, unless it exploded into blocks you could pick up, youd lose alot of resources, since most trees around me are only a single block at the base. but visually it would be cool. id say give the grapple hook a bit of a try craft a few up and once you get used to it itll change things up, try equipping one in each hand… you can be like spider man lol

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Made edits please read original post.

Regarding your edit: the way you’re trying to build your trim is not possible in the current engine. Two blocks can not occupy the same position. having two different wall blocks here in the space of one block can’t be done due to coding reasons.

Tree’s falling over once the trunk is gone would be welcome feature. I dislike the partial physics of player / mobs falling but the vegetation magically persists.

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