My First Boundless Video

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Some of you may remember me from a few years back and from the forums. It’s been a while but I have decided to make a comeback to the game as a reaction to the Monumental news.

I made a little video of my first hours back and of the process to get somewhat set up for a new project. I intend to document lots of it in similar style videos. Video editing is a small hobby of mine and by no means am I very good at it, but I enjoy doing it. I don’t like asking for it, but if you have any feedback what so ever, please let me hear it either here or in the video comments! Love seeing the Youtube bell get a +1!

Anyway, too much writing! Hope this is okay to post here as well!

Thank you and good seeing you all again! Can’t wait to see what’s changed in the world, I only briefly went to Ultima and even that has changed a lot!


Humbo e e ma,


welcome back hope to see out in game

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You could have asked and I’m sure that people like myself would have made you some storage in the color you wanted.

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You can rotate a portal’s entrance and exit!

I did try that in the video but it just rotated the wrong ways! Not sure, should probably have given it more attempts but I somehow remember that 1x2 portals entry and exit has to be in same direction/opposite direction.

@tarranth I appreciate it but this is just a temporary storage until I get a proper area with machines and stuff set up :ok_hand:

Your castle is coming along nicely. And I’m enjoying the videos. Seeing you’re in Reapers I made you a spot in the Guild hall a put a couple things there for you.

If you need anything let me know. :+1::beers:


Much appreciated! Such kind words from someone with your building skills! Found your yt channel as well and will definitely use a lot of your ideas for decorations! I will swing by tomorrow! And yes, Reapers is my choice! @Apt made me do the challenge and loved it! Guild definitely has my sword!


Ha. I’m nothing special. Apt is an absolute wizard at building. I get so many ideas from them and all the other awesome builders in game. I love being able to say that Reapers has some of the best builders in the game. And you my friend fit right in. :+1::+1::beers:

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When @georgegroeg George gives you a tour of the Reapers Kingdom:

Just a solid 3.8gb of footage following you, all of it just me going “wow”

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Hahahaha. It was my pleasure showing you around. :beers:

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